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Brochella: 13 Facts You Might Not Have Known


The folks who run Brochella are some of my favourite peeps in the world. They’ve been sending good tunes into music lovers’ ears since early 2017.

You probably don’t know much about Brochella, but this is your chance to learn a bit more about them.

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Here are 13 facts you might not have known about Brochella:

1. Brochella started in January 2017

The idea started in the corner of Rumours Rock City. A once active band (State Society) was making plans for Easter and where they should perform. They were too crap to get onto any major festival line-ups, so after a few draughts and many laughs, their drunk bassist came up with the idea of hosting an Easter festival at Rumours Rock City.

Brochella Cap
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Photo by Alexander Wolf Photography

2. Trying to come up with the name took about 2 minutes

Many options came up, including ‘The Colossal Fist Fuck’ and ‘ShitFest’, but the okes decided on Brochella. At the time everyone wished they were going to Cochella.

3. The Brochella logo was made by a friend

The organizers forgot about the festival idea. When they got the logo they then decided to just do it for the fun of it.

4. The first ever Brochella featured a stellar local line-up

The line-up included Lonehill Estate, I AM, Jasper Dan, State Society, Shutup! It’s Sunday, Friends Like Thieves and others.

5. The second one was the Brochella Halloween show

The show featured performances by Deity’s Muse, Albino Beach and others.

6. Things got serious for Brochella in 2018

The whole thing started out as a joke, but the Brochella team was approached in this year by RAM to host I SEE STARS (from the USA). The aim was never to go metal, but hey, why the fuck not.

7. Brochella ressurected the iconic band Knave for one night

The happened in 2018. Knave was was supported by Hiraeth, I Believe In Giants, Deadline and New Skyline Fire.

8. Their next event featured The Narrow

The popular local rock band was supported by Dirty Moonshine, Far From Who We Are and Black Bone Nation.

9. One of the biggest Brochella shows was Bangers ‘n Mosh

This was a culmination of some of the biggest heavy acts from SA including OhGod, Red Helen, Only Forever, Savage Lucy, Deamhorth, Koedoe and more.

10. I SEE STARS was the first international act to be hosted by Brochella

They were supported by Truth & It’s Burden, Facing The Gallows and One Day Sky in 2018.

Brochella - I SEE STARS
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Photo by Alexander Wolf Photography

11. Keeping up their nostalig trend, they brought Lithium up from Cape Town to Johannesburg in January 2019

Lithium were supported by Jasper Dan, Blacktop Rebels, Deadline and others.

12. They are hosting another international act in June 2019

US Metalcore act Atilla are taking to the stage at the new Rumours Rock City on 14 June 2019. They will be supported by Red Helen, Riddlebreak and Atlantic South.

13. The group’s CEO is Zoom Pug

He sadly passed away in May 2019. He will be missed.

For more information about Brochella, check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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