9 Building Blocks To Double Your Sales

Want to double your sales? Make sure that you read this post. It’s a fact that the key to doubling your sales has to do with the tools you are using as well as the techniques you use. To many businesses, doubling sales may mean the difference between struggling and thriving in their business. The building blocks mentioned don’t have to be done in any particular order, but the more that is done, the faster your sales will double and the more your business will increase. Let’s get started!

Here are 9 Building Blocks To Double Your Sales

1. Supercharge Your Website

Harness the power of the Internet and create a website that attracts visitors, provides an interactive experience for them, and also, provides you with leads for your business. Your site should be dynamic and should encourage the visitor to come back. Take advantage of Web 2.0 technology and allow your visitors to do something on your website. Remember, you need to answer the all-important question: “What’s in it for me?”

Some other things that will make your web presence interesting to your visitor:

1. Pictures and descriptions of your product

2. Benefits of your product (directly related to your buyer)

3. Interesting facts, statistics

4. High-interest stories

5. Customer testimonials or responses

6. Forums

2. Fill The Funnel

What do you do to generate leads for your business? What do you do with those leads once you have them? Filling the funnel is adding viable leads to your database that you can market to later on. What is your business process so that you don’t lose leads? Do you have a process that you can automatically keep in contact with your leads regularly? Do you know what the price of a lost lead is? Your leads may not be ready to buy from you now, but down the road, they may be ready.

Remember, if you treat each prospect as if they were a customer, then eventually, a number of them will be your customer.

Double Your Sales

3. Convert Your Funnel

What is your follow-up system to convert your prospects, or leads into customers? This building block is key to increasing your sales, and the right tools will increase your conversion ratio of prospects to customers. What process do you have in place to allow prospects to see the value of your product or service? Do you have in place:

1. Webinars/Teleseminars?

2. Online Demos?

3. Educational Materials?

This is where your soft-sell tactics are used, and this is where you build your relationship with your prospects so they feel comfortable and trust you. Prospects that trust you are more willing to become your customer. This is where you have to step outside of the typical marketing messages that so many prospects hear from everywhere else.

Some conversion techniques include:

1. Adding Value – What kind of content-rich materials are you using to connect with your prospect? This can include:

  • Free reports
  • Free Whitepapers
  • Free Downloads
  • Newsletters with tips and tricks

2. Getting Personal – Remember, YOU are the difference between you and your competitors. There is only one of you, so give that to your prospects! Share with them a bit about who you are.

3. Show, Don’t Tell – Do you have demos that you can show your clients, or perhaps solve a common problem through a teleseminar demonstrating your product or service?

4. Win Lifelong Customers

Customers that leave you usually do so for the following reason:

1. Having a bad experience

2. Not feeling special

3. Not being encouraged to return

Keeping a good database will allow the business owner to keep tabs on the customer, and easily know things such as what they purchased and when, and also things like their birthday, where they live, etc. You can easily create a more personalized interaction and relationship with your customer with this information.

You can also more easily target your follow-up campaigns which will increase your conversion rate because you will be making the right offers to the right customers. And what’s great is that simple solutions are effective – so there is no need to get all fancy.

5. Flip Your Funnel

This means, resell to your existing customers. The statistics show that it takes about 7 times the cost to get a new customer than it does to keep the ones that you have. You have already built up trust with your customers because they have already purchased from you… so now you can take advantage of that relationship and continue to serve your clients and customers by offering them additional products and services.

What kinds of cross-selling and up-sell mechanisms do you have in place?

6. Sell Stuff Online

If you aren’t selling online now, then you should be. The growth in online shopping is phenomenal. Only about 3% of businesses are selling their products and services online… only 3%. You can stand above your competition just from this alone.

There are a lot of e-commerce solutions and services out there today that will assist you in selling your products and services online and securely as well.

7. Collect The Money

What process do you have in place to follow up on invoices and collect your money? When you sell online, much of this is done automatically for you, but when you sell traditionally, you need to have systems in place to keep your invoice at the top of the customer’s mind. How much are your finances on autopilot?

A business should have a good financial policy that contains the following for successful growth:

1. Payment expectations should be consistent and clear to customers

2. When possible have a no payment-no product policy

3. Have a systematized collections process

8. Grow Through Partners

Partners add additional skills to your offerings and open you up to new markets. Offering an affiliate referral system will also open you up to new markets and is a very cost-effective way to increase your lead system. Affiliates are like having a sales team working for your business.

The more affiliates and partners you have, the less time it takes you to reach a larger audience. All in all, it’s quite the simplest way to drive qualified leads to your small business so that you have time for more mastery moments.

The good news is that there are tools and services out there today that make this a very cost affordable and easy option to implement in their business today.

9. Measure and Tweak

How are your headlines performing? How are your follow-up emails and newsletters performing? You need to have something in place today that will tell you how well your marketing pieces and your website is performing for you. You will also need something in place to be able to easily test and tweak these things so that you can always increase your conversion rate.

Once you are aware of your marketing successes and failures, changing your marketing tactics is practically effortless.

Remember, doubling your conversion rate is going to give you the same results as going out and buying twice the amount of traffic to your website. As you can see, this is a very cost-effective step to implement in all of your marketing efforts. The right tools in place will make this easy and somewhat pain-free.

This step is one that is always being done. You never really stop testing.

I hope that these building blocks help you to double your sales. Feel free to comment below.

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