A Day in the life of a Canadian Online Casino Dealer

A live online casino with a real dealer is an opportunity to feel yourself in the gaming room without getting up from your computer. For many users, an employee of an online casino is filled with a halo of mystery.

Today we will lift the veil of secrecy over this image thanks to the interview of the worker from live Canadian online casino. But before that, we suggest you to visit Casinonic.com and take a look how online casino works. You will be able to find a lot of different games there as well as articles about employees and interesting facts about online casino business.

Dealer’s daily schedule

If the employee’s workplace is virtual for all his visitors, this does not always mean that you can work in pajamas. So, if we talk about the working day of a Canadian online casino dealer, then everything starts with preparatory procedures before going to the game table from which starts the live broadcast. The employee needs to take the appropriate appearance (uniform, hairstyle, manicure, for girls – makeup). Depending on the type of game at the game table and the class of the establishment, the uniform may differ in a various set of items of clothing (dress, skirt, corset, blouse, vest, shirt, trousers, etc.).

Then person from the previous shift tells the nuances of the next broadcast. He discusses possible changes in the format of work for a particular date, changes to the rules of the game and changes in the workplace. Then each employee of the current shift moves to his desk, where he is engaged in accepting bets and holding games in accordance with the existing schedule and rules.

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Schedule of live dealer at Canadian online casino

Also, depending on the class and type of institution, as well as on the personnel policy, work schedules may vary. However, common practice includes several options. The standard assumes 22 working 8-hour shifts. At the same time, due to the specifics of the gambling industry, the need for dealer services is available around the clock. Therefore, the shift can be either morning, day or night. Moreover, with 22 shifts in total, about 8-9 should be nightly (as a rule, night hours are paid higher).

Separately, the scheme is practiced in 14 working days, each of which lasts at least 12 hours. As in any industry involving human resources, there may be human-related factors (illness, lack of workers, etc.). Therefore, the shifts can change.

What are the functions of the dealer in the online casino format?

In fact, it is the presence of a dealer that allows club customers to feel like full-fledged players. In front of players’ screen is not a faceless computer program, but a real person who works in casino. So, the whole game is built in the client versus institution format, where the dealer represents the second side.

The dealer’s responsibilities include standard operations for offline versions of gambling clubs, namely:

  • Opening and closing bets;
  • Spinning the roulette wheel and then launching the ball or dealing cards;
  • Scoring of a winning number on a roulette wheel or a winning combination in cards;
  • Congratulations to the winners;
  • Clarification of nuances and rules for players;
  • Conversation with visitors in the format of answers to questions;
  • Helping users with difficulty during any of the stages of the game.

Dealer Key Responsibilities

By and large, the characteristics of a fine croupier are not much different from the requirements for most office workers. The list of those includes: punctuality, courtesy, attentiveness, calmness, accuracy, sociability, responsibility, patience and a positive attitude. Discipline and maintaining a pleasant appearance are no less relevant. Only here it is important to be such a person for each of these points.

Given the list of situations that may happen to a dealer, preparing him in many areas is extremely important. A key role is played by the knowledge of the nuances of gambling, but sign languages, foreign languages, an understanding of people’s psychology and ability to resolve conflicts are no less important.

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