5 Cannabis Paired Foods That Are Creating a Huge Buzz Worldwide

Curious about Cannabis paired foods? Well, since the legalization of marijuana in most US states, various industries are utilizing the unique benefits of this compound.

They are launching new products to meet the upcoming marijuana users’ needs. Initially, most states legalized marijuana for use in the health sector due to its health benefits. However, other sectors, such as the food industry, now realize that cannabis paired foods are the next big thing. Consumers have become more aware of the properties of cannabis and are exploring new ways of consuming it.

Cannabis Paired Foods

The Specialty Food Association predicted that cannabis would top in 2018 food trends. Since then, most food and beverage organizations have been exploring ways to launch more CBD-infused products in areas where they are legal.

How Do You Pair Cannabis with Food?

Food and cannabis are two substances that deliver satisfaction and happiness. Today, there are more cannabis paired foods than ever. If you are planning on paring cannabis and food, then here are some of the options that you should consider.

1. Cooking Cannabis in Food

You can pair cannabis with food through cooking. It contains terpenes, which are compounds responsible for its sweet taste and aroma. Weed as a cooking ingredient gives flavor and aroma to the food. This explains why hotels are infusing cannabis in cookies, pizza, and other types of foods.

It is worth noting that you can also obtain cannabis-infused food that treats different conditions. To cut costs, most medical marijuana patients now prefer to make their own CBD infused meals and snacks.

2. Adding Cannabis as a Top Dress in Salads

Cannabis-infused salad dressing is becoming trendy. Lots of food joints are embracing the idea. Since overheating cannabis through cooking may destroy its benefits, users prefer adding it as a top dress in their salads.

All you require is to prepare your salad as usual. Then add CBD oil and mix. Some consumers have a high tolerance to sugar or just want a vegan diet, and buying cannabis edibles does not offer the solution. The good news is that you can now use CBD-infused salads as your favorite edible option. The process is quick and safe since salads are easy to make at home and will not cause any side effects.

3. Pairing with Butter

Cannabutter or cannabis-infused butter is now a key ingredient in most weed-infused recipes. You can get this butter by extracting flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids from the marijuana plant then infuse them in butterfat.

To get psychoactive effects, you can use this butter when baking cookies or applying in bread. It can be beneficial to patients who want to obtain the most from cannabis, whereby they can create their edibles by substituting normal butter with cannabutter.

4. Weed Chocolates and Gummies

Edibles have a high potency than other methods and allow you to snack while traveling, taking medicine, or reading. Weed chocolates and CBD oil gummies have become popular due to their discrete nature. They are the most common option available to a person looking for a treat. If you are in a state that allows the use of CBD in foods the finding these products shouldn’t be hard.

5. Pairing using Terpenes

To match food with cannabis, the smells and taste must go hand in hand. No matter what you want to pair with weed, you must understand terpenes. Cannabis strains have varying concentrations and types of terpenes. Myrcene has a tropical flavor, while pinene offers a forestry flavor. Similarly, terpenes are also present in food and vary from fruits to vegetables and herbs.

A great pairing involves matching the flavor and aroma profiles of the two ingredients. For example, if you are cooking salmon and want a squeeze of lemon juice, you can go for a cannabis strain that will help highlight the lemon flavor in your food. Alternatively, one can combine cannabis with anabolic supplements like one from teragon labs. It would make sure that you enjoy the benefits of cannabis and anabolics together for your goals like weight loss, muscle building, recovery, anxiety, etc

How is Cannabis Revolutionizing the Food Industry?

A recent study, 77% of chefs in the United States ranked cannabis paired foods as the number one trend. To match the trend, restaurants and chefs are considering incorporating the ingredients into the menu items while following the requirements outlined by law officials. Besides, plant-based foods such as vegetables and fruits are no longer just for vegetarians since the legalization of CBD.

Cannabis paired foods are the next big thing for weed entrepreneurs. For example, in California, consumers purchased cannabis-infused foods worth $180 million in 2018. It is not California alone that is experiencing a growth in this market, which means that this Cannabis foods industry is a lucrative sector.

Some people do not want to vape or smoke marijuana, and edibles are a perfect choice for them. Edibles provide a discrete and smoke-free experience. Entrepreneurs are specializing in the processing of CBD oil, which is the main ingredient used in cannabis-paired products. CBD oil has proven useful in pain relief, sleep issues, depression, and anxiety, among other conditions. For this reason, people do not think twice when embracing CBD foods.


You can now enjoy cannabis in your salad, food, or products such as chocolate. CBD oil, a derivative of the marijuana plant, is becoming a primary ingredient in food recipes. When making cannabis edibles, you must use the right doses for maximum health benefits. Also, make sure to get high-quality products for uninterrupted deliveries that will save you both time and money.

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