All This For Nothing

All This For Nothing mark their return with “Divine Contraption”

South African progressive punk rock protagonists All This For Nothing have released "Divine Contraption". It's the first single from their upcoming album, Reverence. "Divine Contraption" plays...
Francois Van Coke & Vriende 2019

Resensie: Francois Van Coke & Vriende 2019

Na maande se opwinding en gewag, het die tyd uiteindelik aangebreek vir Francois Van Coke & Vriende 2019. Ek kon ongelukkig nie laas jaar...

Brace yourself for the 2019 edition of Let There Be Prog

Let There Be Prog South Africa’s premiere progressive music festival is happy to announce the line-up and stage times for this year’s edition. The main event takes place on...
Dirty Moonshine

Dirty Moonshine reveal music video for “The Hunt” (their new single)

Johannesburg hard rock hooligans Dirty Moonshine have revealed the video for their new track "The Hunt". The new song was released on Friday last week. This...
Aidan Martin at JARR Bar

Park Acoustics: Aidan Martin Interview

This is my Aidan Martin Interview. He's one of the artists who will be jamming at Park Acoustics this coming Sunday (the 27th of...
Die Melktert Kommissie

Park Acoustics: ‘n Onderhoud met Jan van Die Melktert Kommissie

Die Melktert Kommissie speel die naweek by Park Acoustics in Pretoria. Ek het met Jan-Adriaan Korff (die drummer in die orkes) 'n onderhoud gevoer...
Francois Van Coke & Vriende 2019

Francois Van Coke stel “Dagdrome in Suburbia” album vry

Op 18 Oktober 2019 het Francois Van Coke sy derde solo album, “Dagdrome in Suburbia” vrygestel. Dit het gebeur voor 'n uitverkoopte Sun Arena...
Jeremy Loops

Jeremy Loops unveils music video for “What Would I Know”

Jeremy Loops unveils the music video for his latest single, ‘What Would I Know’. He teamed up with Director Rob Smith. Smith worked on his...
Pedro Barbosa

Review: Pedro Barbosa – Journey To Reborn Launch @ Atterbury Theatre

I was the Journey To Reborn Launch at Atterbury theatre lat week. Pedro Barbosa's EP was released on all major digital platforms and on...
Park Acoustics

Park Acoustics: Score tickets to the 27 October 2019 edition

Great news! The next edition of Park Acoustics is happening on 27 October 2019 and you have a chance to score tickets. The event...

Casima proves that you can “Make A Way”

She might only be 23 years old, but artist Casima has already discovered how to Make A Way to hip hop royalty with the release of...
Kontras Orkes

Kontras se “Middelklas Middelman” sal jou aan die dink sit

Afrikaanse musiek - hier kom ’n ding! Maak jou reg vir die alternatiewe Afrikaanse rock groep, Kontras, want jy gaan dit nodig hê! Want...

Riddlebreak releases new single: ‘Allegiant’

Progressive-influenced Metalcore heavyweights Riddlebreak released a new single, 'Allegiant' on Friday, 11 October 2019. Jade Osner (Vocals) states that "the idea and lyrics for 'Allegiant' were...
Latex Grenade Band

An Interview With Geoff Davis from Latex Grenade

Yesterday it was announced that San Diego rockers Latex Grenade are heading to our shores this month for their second tour.  The rockers visited South...

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