World’s 10 Most Expensive Homes

I was in a curious mood about property the other day since I will probably look for a property for sale one day. I...

World’s First Motorcycle

Today motorcycles are part of some people's daily lives, even in South Africa. I was wondering how the world's first motorcycle looked like, so...

Famous South African Directors

In previous posts covering Famous South Africans, we've covered some actors and actresses and authors. Today it's the directors' turn. South Africa has the...

Famous South African Authors

There have been numerous famous South African authors over the years. Today we will be covering 2 of them, continuing the post series of...

Quotes from Actors and Actresses

This newest update for my quote section features quotes by famous actors and actresses. Some are humorous, some are serious and some are just...

Quotes from South Africans

There have been South Africans in recent times and throughout history who have said some interesting, inspiring and sometimes motivational things. This post is...

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