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Ranking on Google

Ranking Your Website on Google is Not Rocket Science

Having trouble ranking your website on Google? Fact is, it's not Rocket Science. According to research, most of the people who search on Google clicks...
Classical Music and Marijuana

Classical Music and Marijuana: Do they mix extremely well?

Does Classical Music and Marijuana mix? Well, fact is, marijuana enthusiasts are mostly people with natural inclination to embrace a variety of artistic traditions....

What Types of Events Need Live Entertainment?

Not sure which type of events need live entertainment? Fact is, events are meant to bring people together to socialize or celebrate. Sometimes the...

Thoughts on Brand Positioning in the 21st Century and Future Trends

The business world has seen a lot of changes since the beginning of the 21st century. The changes never seem to cease. We've witnessed...

8 Destinations Every Weed Lover Should Visit Once

Who says that you can’t be both a weed and travel fan at the same time? If you enjoy a bit of cannabis occasionally,...
Big Data

Can Big data be used to personalize and improve customer experience?

O'Reilly Media launched the term Big data in 2005. Fact is, Big data has been around much longer. It's basically a collection of extremely...
Britains Got Talent Set

Why we need more reality shows about performing arts

Now, you’re probably going to laugh when you read this, but the fact is that reality shows are actually good for the music industry...

The Possible Impact of Brexit on the Music Industry

Did you know that Brexit could have a huge impact on the music industry? Today we explore this subject. Adele. Ed Sheeran. Rag'n'Bone Man. Dua...
International Education

My Personal International Education Experience

This is my Personal International Education Experience... I am a resident of Athens in Greece. I am currently undertaking a law degree from The...
Essay Writing

10 Reasons to Relax and Select the Best Essay Writing Service

Looking for the best Essay Writing Service? Today we explore the reasons to relax and select the best one. Let's face it, adulthood starts at...
IoT is the next big thing

IoT is the next big thing, but are we ready for it?

Are you ready for IoT? If until now, communication was a dialogue between people, nowadays in a connected world, it’s no longer limited to humans....
Pretty Pandora - South Africa

8 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Pretty Pandora

Pretty Pandora is an online shop that sells a variety of stunning alternative stock that cannot be found in your everyday store. This online shop...
Coral Island

Best Quiet Islands Around Phuket for Digital Nomads

Thailand is carving a reputation as the perfect digital nomad destination. Phuket and other locations within this Asian country have been singled out for...
Video Rental Store

Are Streaming Services to Blame for the Demise of Video Rental Stores?

Remember going to the Video Rental Store? Believe it or not, there was a time when watching a newly released movie at home was...

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