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Pretty Pandora - South Africa

8 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Pretty Pandora

Pretty Pandora is an online shop that sells a variety of stunning alternative stock that cannot be found in your everyday store. This online shop...
Woodstock Urban Pizzeria - Pretoria Restaurants

10 Pretoria Restaurants that you should check out

I've been living in the capital city for the past 22 years. Needless to say, I've definitely been to my fair share of Pretoria...

This is what I want at my music festivals

We all know that person who used to love going to music festivals and now can't stand the things. "It's just not the same anymore." "It...

3 reasons why South Africans like using Uber

Uber started operating in South Africa a few years ago and this lift-hailing service has changed the way that South Africans move around in...
Don't Be That Guy

How To Avoid Becoming “That Guy”

I have always had more guy friends than friends with boobs. Some say it’s because I’m obnoxious and arrogant (something that girls apparently don’t...

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