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Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election

The time will tell who will be the front-runner for the president post in 2019 South African General Elections, but merits must be evaluated...

3 reasons why South Africans like using Uber

Uber started operating in South Africa a few years ago and this lift-hailing service has changed the way that South Africans move around in...

My 2 cents on the new range of Twisp X devices

Great news! Twisp has released a new range of X range devices. Their 11th generation devices feature robust atomizer coils, improved vapour production and...

7 Motivational Techniques To Overcome Your Depression Level

Depression might not be a physical disease, but this mental disorder can have a significant impact on a person’s life. Even though not classified...

4 Entertainment Ideas For Your Weekend

You put in long days during the week. You’re busy working, managing your home life and trying to make time for you. It’s difficult...

5 things I’ll remember when I think of 2017

2017 was a bloody interesting year and definitely one for the books. Like 2016, this year was jam-packed with ups and downs and it...

Pros & cons of moving to South Africa from the UK

Taking the decision to up sticks and move abroad is a momentous one at the best of times, and will involve a complete life...

How to get organized and get the most out of camping

If you have decided to venture out into the wilderness with your children on a camping expedition, you have to be prepared. That’s what it’s...

My 2 Cents on Aramex Global Shopper

Since late 2015 I've been struggling to get my geeky paws on an awesome T-shirt that is being sold on Sunfrog.com. I ordered it...

An Open Letter to Sunette Bridges and her followers

Hi Sunette & your team (of racist followers) I’m a young, virile, white, Afrikaans man. Unfortunately I have to write this letter in English.  I’m...
Woodstock Urban Pizzeria - Pretoria Restaurants

10 Pretoria Restaurants that you should check out

I've been living in the capital city for the past 22 years. Needless to say, I've definitely been to my fair share of Pretoria...

Mirror Mirror, is Instagram lying to us?

In today’s world you HAVE to look good. That is the message sent out daily by thousands of adverts, in all shapes, sizes and...

For The Love of Rock ‘n Roll

“Simplicity provides a fine line between eloquence and plainness” I “stole” the above line from the film Brown Sugar, starring Taye Diggs (Doctor Sam Bennett...

This Is It: The Summer of Our Discontent

For a while now I’ve been sat on the sidelines of the blogosphere – much to the consternation of my editor, Henno Kruger. Yes he’d send...

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