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How Are Your Favourite Celebrities Protected While on Tour?


Celebrities often have to do a lot of traveling in order to perform on tours and in concerts abroad, or to move onto different movie set locations, but how is their security maintained while on foreign shores? Through close protection agencies that offer way more than just physical bodyguards, celebrities can travel with peace of mind.

However, in order to get the most out of these services, it is always best practice to make use of security service experts who are familiar with the environment too. This is why celebrities often take their own security entourage with them on tour, but add to their safety by also hiring professionals from the country to which they are traveling.

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What additional knowledge do local security companies have?

They Can Recommend Safe Accommodation

A local close protection agency will be able to recommend the best accommodation for the maximum safety of the visiting celebrity. Local officials will know which areas to avoid and which areas are safe, offering minimal disruption. Experienced officers would also already have built relationships with various hospitality enterprises.

They Can Assist Celebrities with Travel Arrangements

Armed with local safety knowledge, local close protection officers know how to make the best travel arrangements, which modes of transport are best, as well as the best times of day to travel. Celebrity bodyguard experts will also be able to provide the transport themselves, through advanced driving skills and knowledge of the environment.

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They Are Familiar with the Local Threats

Local security professionals are familiar with the country’s risk factors and threats. With this knowledge, they are able to provide comprehensive security as they will know what to look out for and which areas to avoid. Some countries are rampant with crime, so it helps to have a local expert to guide foreign celebrities and their personal security through this.

By hiring a local bodyguard security service, celebrities are able to enjoy their time abroad with minimal disruption, and maximum stellar performances!

If you’re a celebrity who is looking for someone to protect you, you may want to consider contacting World Protection Group executive security.

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