Cell C has huge data offers this festive season

Whether you are looking for a last minute data top up or having data last you through the holidays, Cell C will ensure that you’re connected with some incredible deals on data.

“Customers are definitely going to find something that will give them the perfect data deal this Summer,” says Cell C Chief Commercial Officer, Junaid Munshi. “Our new promotional deals range from unbelievably priced daily bundles through to 30-day bundles and everything in between.”

Cell C

So, what is Cell C offering customers?

For those that need a quick data hit for the day, Cell C is offering its 500MB bundle at R17 and if that’s not enough, its 1GB daily bundle is now only R20.

Cell C is also re-introducing its popular R17 WhatsApp bundle, replacing the promotional R17 Shout Out bundle, giving customers 1GB of data to use on WhatsApp. This remains the best value WhatsApp bundle in the market today with a discount greater than 40% to its nearest rival’s price point.

Additional changes have been made to the promotional ShoutOut daily and 30-day bundles, which includes Facebook and WhatsApp. The 80MB ShoutOut bundle will now be bumped up to 200MB of data. This will be for both Facebook and WhatsApp. It will cost only R10 with an extended validity period of 48 hours. The 30-day bundle maintains the 4GB data and will now cost R99 making it indispensable for the true social addict.

Cell C is also giving away additional Nite data on its 30-day prepaid bundles. Bundles from R80 through to the binge-sized bundles will all include additional Nite data at no extra cost. Plus, Cell C is boosting a few of the more popular bundles with additional data, again without charging any more.

Here’s the full list of data bundles boosted with additional Nite data:

Cell C Bundles

For more information on these promotional deals that will launch on Black Friday, 23 November 2018, customers can visit www.cellc.co.za or contact the call centre on 135 (if you’re a Cell C subscriber) or 084 135 (if you’re not a Cell C subscriber).

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