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Centrum Guardians: Saving South African Every Day


Imagine this scenario. It is 3 o’clock in the morning and in the time it has taken you to read this to the end of this sentence, the emergency and service crew is dressed, prepped and venturing into the unknown. What guides them? Skill and passion.

At these ungodly hours with such a short reaction time, the crew relies on their impeccable training. The time it takes to complete these tasks will depend on many factors including experience. Mostly what will be revealed in these moments are the moments where excellent training makes all the difference. For these situations, where there is little time for thinking, training as the only tool available, makes all the difference. You will only find your equipment if you already knew where it was, you will only act proficiently if you have acted out a scene a million times before in a realistic setting for example.

That is exactly why it is absolutely essential for Centrum Guardians to be continuously studying new and efficient ways to save lives. New technologies enter the market every year and emergency and rescue personnel benefit from training with these new features. Centrum Guardians that are up to date with training are in the best position to carry out life-saving procedures as efficiently and safely as possible during emergencies. The reality for an emergency and rescue personnel is that you will only know it is time to act if the signs are deeply engrained in your mind.

The aftermath of the emergency is the only time in which a rescue and emergency individual can look back at the decisions made. How amazing would it be to make decisions based on the latest information?

There is no doubt that there should be a balance between textbook knowledge and frameworks founded on classroom-based learning and the automaticity of real-time efforts.

A balance is possible. The possibility is not just the result of conscious acts but rather the technological advancements and passion that will influence standard operating procedures to lead to better decisions. Building knowledge basis is important and presenting information, internalising knowledge and making it all accessible at 2 in the morning is a possible reality. Centrum Guardians receiving training will contribute to making a difference to people who are rescued down the line.

Centrum has facilitated this process by donating funding towards such invaluable specialised training. The Centrum Guardians campaign enables individuals like the finalists of 2015 to be provided with even more expert training. Voting for the 2015 Centrum Guardians winner closes soon. Be sure to cast your vote for the finalist you think has gone above and beyond here.

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