Check out these Red Stag Promo Girls!


So, some of you might be asking yourself what Red Stag is? Well, Red Stag is Black Cherry flavored Jim Bean Bourbon. It was recently launched in South Africa. Lately there have been promo girls around Pretoria and Johannesburg promoting this product. Unfortunately I lacked the opportunity to take photos of these luscious ladies in my city, but it seems that some other Red Stag fans took initiative and managed to capture them in action at other venues around the country. Here are some photos of the Red Stag promo girls:

I recently received a bottle of Red Stag and I must say that it does quite divine. It’s not that strong, but I do recommend that you don’t mix this too much with other alcohol. Me and @BaasDeBeer finished a bottle with friends recently at the FORR festival in Mozambique which went down extremely well (thanks to @El_Presidente__).

Red Stag is not for sale to persons under the age of 18. And Remember Folks: Don’t Drink & Drive folks. It’s dangerous and if you get pulled over you might just end up with a huge fine or you could spend a night in the choekie. It’s not fun paying a fine or having a criminal record. Be responsible.

You can find Red Stag South Africa online at these following links:

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