Claire Johnston on stage at Oppikoppi 2013 Bewildberbeast


In August this year I attended my 15th Oppikoppi festival. One of the highlights of the festival was the performance by Mango Groove. This 11 piece band was founded in 1984 and it was the first time that they performed at Oppikoppi. They drew one of the biggest crowds at festival and had them dancing and singing along to almost every song in no time.

I was one of the lucky few photographers who were allowed to photograph artists at all the stages at Oppikoppi this year. I watched the whole set from the pit. I was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. This band transported me back to the days when South Africa was going through some tough times politically. I remembered watching Mango Groove’s videos on television in the 1990’s, I remembered the way the furniture was set up in our living room during my high school days and I embraced the urge to sing along to each and every song that I could. I felt truly and proudly South African.

If you’ve missed the Mango Groove set at Oppikoppi, make sure that you check out the last edition of Park Acoustics for this year on the 24th of November. Mango Groove will be headlining this one day event and it promises to be a good one.  I snapped this photo of Claire Johsnton during the Mango Groove performance at Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast and it has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 16th of November 2013.

Claire Johnston on stage @ Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast

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