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Clap your hands for Jeremy Loops – “Trading Change”


The Lowveld is not called the Slowveld for nothing. It takes a snail this long to bring Jeremy Loops new album “Trading Change” to our stable door. And the man with the kids toy, harmonica, guitar and loop pedal machine has got something going here. I’ve watched Jeremy Loops go from pulling 30 odd people days to the screaming fans in their thousands days and I can’t help to feel a little bit part of the process.

This crowd funded album is well mastered and well produced. It’s easy listening as Jeremy’s entertains you with a few classic hits like “Mission to the sun”, the number 1 track “Down South”, “My Shoes, “Killer Killer” and “Power”. One of new favourites is “Basil”. It’s such a lekker tune to shake your ass to. “Skinny Blues” is so cleverly written, a song that you could sing along to after listening to it twice.

“Lonesome and Blue” (with Adelle Nqeto) and “Running Away” (with Motheo Molelo) are both notable. In case you’re wondering, Motheo is that sexy chocolate brownie that jams with Loops on stage at his live shows. “Mission to the sun” had a nice little make over for this album. This popular festival song now features some awesome drums and double bass that makes you want to go out in the winter sun and literally howl at it.

“Higher Stakes” is one of my favorites because it’s emotionally driven. This song relates to everyone who has gone through heartbreak and particularly that stage when you don’t feel anything but pain. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just want to say “Jeremy you’re pulling on every girl’s heart strings out there”.

To me this album deserves 5 stars. There are a few hiccups for me but the work on it is amazing. Nothing beats a live Jeremy Loops show, but this album is a great one to crank up on any road trip. The haters will hate but the lovers will love. It will make a good present for your girlfriend (if she likes Jeremy style). Just a heads up to radio stations: Try not to overplay “Down South” and your next single off the album should definitely be “Skinny blues” #Justsaying #Jeremywins

For the tech savvy of you out there, you can https://itunes.apple.com/za/artist/jeremy-loops/id589222946″ target=”_blank”>buy his album on iTunes. If you prefer a more hands on approach when it comes to music, order the CD for a few rand on the Jeremy Loops Facebook page. To get yourself into a better mood, listen to “Down South” below:

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