Clarise De Villiers Interview


Clarise-De-Villiers-01 Clarise De Villiers InterviewGorgeous 19 year old Clarise de Villiers is a model from Midrand in Gauteng and today’s featured babe. She was born in Parys in the Free State province of South Africa, raised in Namibia, but eventually moved back to Gauteng. She got into modelling when she was only 8 years old.

She describes herself as a very outgoing person who loves partying and getting to know new people. Clarise’s aim in life is to become a television presenter. She is also a Christian girl who loves extreme sports, performing in music videos, drama and her friends. She’s always up for a challenge. She has competed in several modeling competitions, but never really took seriously until about a year ago. She was in the Top 10 FHM Models list for 2010.

Running Wolf’s Rant recently had the opportunity to interview Clarise De Villiers. This is what she had to say to us:

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am a student at Brumilda’s Academy to prepare myself more for being in the public eye, my ultimate goal is to be a presenter on TV, preferably anything to do with sport or music, if it could be extreme sport, that would definitely be my dream job!

Would you say that social media has changed your life?

Definitely, being in the social media has taught me a lot in many different ways, you get some stunning people out there that just want to support you, even if they do not know you at all, but you also get some very weird people out there, which is a bit scary, but luckily the good overpowers the bad!  I have always loved it, and will probably keep on loving it for years to come!

Clarise-De-Villiers-02 Clarise De Villiers Interview

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you during a shoot?

Well, haha I was doing a shoot in this massive tree, and while I was busy finding my position I could feel something walking on my leg, and when I looked down there it was: A Huge spider.  I freaked out and jumped, (more fell, than jumped) down to the ground, and refused to go back in the tree. LOL.

Clarise-De-Villiers-03 Clarise De Villiers Interview

If you could pose for any magazine / publication, which one would it be?

Having the privilege to work with FHM for a while, I would love to pose for Sports Illustrated as I do have the sporty body.  But overall I would like to pose for any magazine, the ultimate to be on the Front Page of any Souoth African magazine to start with, except Playboy, hehe.

Clarise-De-Villiers-04 Clarise De Villiers InterviewSince it’s Movember now… would you date a guy with a moustache? And if so, why?

Movember is definitely for a good cause, so if he has a moustache because of the cause, at least I know more about him as person immediately (and that already says a lot) – and some guys looks sexy with a moustache, so, why not?

Running Wolf’s Rant would like to take this opportunity to thank Clarise De Villiers for taking time to do this interview with us. For more information about Clarise De Villiers, check out her Facebook fan page, follow her on Twitter via @clarisev or check out her FHM Modelbook Profile.

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