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Classic Games: Super Mario Bros


Super Mario Bros is a platform video game which was developed by Nintendo in late 1985 and published for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros.. The titular character in the game, Mario, seeks to rescue Princess Toadstool (later renamed Princess Peach) of the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil Bowser, king of the Koopas.

Mario’s younger brother, Luigi was playable by the 2nd player in multiplayer mode with same plot as Mario. Super Mario Bros. was the second-best-selling video game of all time, excluding Game Boy Advance and Virtual consoles, selling over 40 million copies.

This was one of my favorite video games when I was growing up. I’m sure most people my age had experiences with this Super Mario Bros. Part of this game’s success is attributed to the fact that it was shipped with the Nintendo console in the US. It’s a game that anyone can play. It still remains one of my favorite video games of all time, although it may seem cheesy to most people.

They don’t make games like Super Mario Bros anymore

The IP or Intellectual Property became so popular that it was made into a movie in 1993 starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. The movie was directed by Rocky Morton, Annabel Jankel & Roland Joffé. Although the movie was widely considered as a flop, it was one of the first video games to be made into a movie. In 2006 Nintendo released New Super Mario Bros. for their Nintendo DS Lite handheld console.

I found this video (which was broadcast on TV in 1988 to promote Super Mario Bros) on YouTube:

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