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This Classic South African Volkswagen Advert will bring back memories


This South African Volkswagen Advert entitled ‘Memories’ is one of those adverts many South African my age will remember from their childhood. Volkswagen is one of the top selling vehicle brands in South Africa.

Volkswagen has had a presence in South Africa for more than 65 years. On 31 August 1951, the first VW Beetle rolled off the production line in Uitenhage (in the Eastern Cape). In the early days the Uitenhage factory used to be able to roll out 12 Studebakers a day.

Now the factory is capable of manufacturing 600 cars a day. To date, more than 3.4 million vehicles have been manufactured by Volkswagen in South Africa. In case you were wondering, that’s about how many cars are in Gauteng province alone.

This German automaker is truly one of most established brands in South Africa. I love this Volkswagen advert because it shows how a car becomes part of one’s life. It goes all the place where you’re traveling to. Your friends drive in with you. You eat in it while you’re stuck in traffic. The list of stories just go on and on. There are so many memories.

I’ve owned two VW Golf’s in my lifetime. 1 was sadly stolen 2 years ago and I’m still driving the other one. I don’t think that I’ll ever buy a different brand of car. I just love VW too much. Maybe because it’s easy to drive? Maybe it’s because it’s fairly cheap to maintain? Who knows?

Do you remember this Volkswagen advert? Leave a comment below and let us know if this jogged your memory. Tell us what you think of it. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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