Classical Music and Marijuana: Do they mix extremely well?

Does Classical Music and Marijuana mix? Well, fact is, marijuana enthusiasts are mostly people with natural inclination to embrace a variety of artistic traditions. They naturally seek the intertwining sensory effects in enjoying music and combine it with the psychedelic effects of marijuana.

For many years, marijuana as been used in many parties around the world. Marijuana naturally enhances your senses. This way, you perceive and feel differently when you take it.

Furthermore, its psychedelic effects provide a new dimension and new layers to the way you see, feel, hear and smell things. With music, marijuana allows you to feel sensations with every note. It also allows you to ascribe textures and other feelings to music. This is why so many people are using weed at concerts and at other musical performances.

Mixing Classical music with marijuana offers a great sensory experience. With hundreds of years of tradition and thousands of individual composers, classical music opens up a person to a very wide and diverse selection of music.

While this is a very positive thing, this huge selection of music can be very daunting to many. This is especially true for those who are not well-versed in classical music.

Classical Music and Marijuana

Weekend Gardener, in effort to provide the best help and support to marijuana enthusiasts who are looking for their first set of classical music to discover, has listed down some of the best classical music that are great for newbies to this kind of arrangement.

So without further ado, here are some of the best classical music composers with powerful music. This music will send chills down your spine and make you cry. So, get ready to mix some classical music and marijuana folks…

1. Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven is so popular around the world that it is almost a cliché whenever someone talks about him in awe. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is perhaps the most popular f his work. Due to this popularity, many people find that it has ultimately lost its power. It is too mainstream for its own sake.

However, this does not mean that if he cannot stop listen to Beethoven while you are high. There are many equally important music that Beethoven has contributed to the world.  Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 is highly recommended.

Symphony No. 7, when paired with weed, is said to echo the Imperial March from Star Wars. People recommend using a hybrids with balanced sativa and indica characteristics. A good example of this type is the Jack Herer. This type of marijuana allows you to enjoy the positive and optimistic moods of Beethoven’s masterpieces.

2. Richard Wagner

Richard Wagners is well known for his most famous instrumental piece, “Ride of The Valkyries.” This piece of musical genius was made sensationally famous after it has been used to tremendously as background music for the movie Apocalypse Now. However, this is not the only influence that hr had in music, in general.

Richard Wagner is beng credited as the composer who introduced the trend of women belting out arias in opera and theater performances. Aside from this, many people describe his overture to Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg as extremely catchy. This is a fast-paced musical that, in comparison to the music sang in opera, is not quite uplifting and more fun than traditional opera music that Die Meistersinger Nürnberg precedes.

In fact, many of the music that Richard Wagners produced are quite straightforward in their structure. Richard Wagner’s music, especially the Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg will leave you buzzing with excitement. This is amazing if paired with sativa-dominant strain like Durban Poison for the fully energized effect.

To be honest I don’t think this mix of classical music and marijuana is for me. Wagner is way too serious..

3. Philip Glass

Philip Glass is a composer who is still living and still with us today. I know, living composers are rarely seen as masters. However, it is different with Philip Glass. If we are going to be very strict I the way we define “classical,” Philip Glass will not be here in this list.

He is, in the strictest sense, a contemporary composer. But, before we can change this, please consider that Philip Glass is often describe as a classical master because his music is cultivating traditions of western classical music. As for his work, people consider his most compositions to be avant-garde works.

For marijuana, Philip Glass’ opera ‘Einstein on the Beach’ is best enjoyed by something that is indica-heavy hybrid. Many of Glass’ music are mellow, this is therefore pairing them with something that is indica-dominant can provide a very relaxing time.

4. George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel or, as he is popularly Bach has a well-deserved reputation as master of the baroque era, but he had plenty of contemporaries who don’t fall far behind. German-born, English-bred Handel is one such peer.

His emotional music stands out from an era that sometimes valued technical skills over genuine feeling. Composed to commemorate the end of the War of Austrian Succession in 1748, Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks is a suite that runs the gamut from playful to triumphant, with epic melodies threaded throughout.

Listening, it’s not hard to understand why this music drew 12,000 people and caused traffic jams in London the first time it was performed. Listen with a strong sativa like Super Silver Haze hat will put you in a cerebral frame of mind to appreciate Handel’s combination of order and extravagance. That’s an epic classical music and marijuana mix in our books.

5. Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel is another contemporary classical composer. He is well known for writing up beautiful music for a contemporary audience that appreciated his genius. His music is very easy to take in ad be appreciated by us today because they are made to be listened to in the contemporary time.

The compositions written by Ravel included his masterpiece the Dead Princess. The music that he produced is best enjoyed with an indica dominant plant. A great example of this club is the Afghan Kush. Both the Afghan kush and morning music on point. This is definitely a case of Classical Music and Marijuana mixing well.

Well, there you have it, Weekend Gardener’s list for mixing classical music and marijuana. We trust that you find this information useful.

Do you agree or disagree that Classical Music and Marijuana mix? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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