Close up photo of aKING on stage @ Mokha Rock Lounge


A few weeks ago I went to Mokha Rock Lounge (one of the coolest venues for live shows) in Pretoria. The Pretoria faithful were entertained on the night by Mr Cat and the Jackal and aKING. Both acts hail from the Western Cape (in case some of you did not know). After Mr Cat and the Jackal got the party started the audience were blown away by a performance by aKING. The Bellville rockers pulled off an excellent show besides the fact that they played their set without their drummer, Jaco “Snake” Venter. The crowd were singing along to most of their songs. I snapped this black and white close up photo of Andrew Davenport, Laudo Liebenberg and Hennie van Halen on stage at Mokha Rock Lounge on the night and it has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 8th of June 2011.

Yesterday a photo featuring a Close up shot of Zebra and Giraffe @ Hatfield Carnival was the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant. Watch this space for updates in the Daily Babe and Daily Cool Photo sections on this blog. A large chunk of the posts on the blog feature South African bits and pieces, so feel free to check them out. There‚Äôs TV Adverts, Songs, Funny Clips, Movie Trailers, Funny Pictures, Photo Albums, etc. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here, so feel free to comment on anything that you might find interesting.


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