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Coca-Cola “Security Cameras” TV Advert


Most of the world (and to some extent South Africa) has become a security obsessed bundle of joy. I know that there are more than 250 in the Johannesburg CBD, and that brought down crime in the area considerably over the years. That is only a drop in the ocean compared to cities like London (which has more than 4 million surveillance cameras keeping an eye on things) though.

On a lighter note than that, Coca-Cola have released an absolutely stunning TV advert. This advert features security camera footage captured on cameras all over the world. The advert reminds that there’s still some good left in this world, if you ask me. I must admit that I don’t like being watched the whole time, but its good to know that security cameras capture more than just people committing crimes and idiots crashing cars or causing accidents.

This is the TV Advert that Coca-Cola Released:

For those of you who did not know, Coca-Cola has been around for 126 years. The company was founded in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. Coca-Cola is available in more than 200 countries globally. What do you think of this Coca-Cola advert? Drop me a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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