10 Cool Indian Songs for Students to Make Dancing TikToks To

TikTok is one of the most recent social media trends, and everybody just seems to love it. School and college students are the ones who make up the biggest part of the network’s user base.

One of the biggest and coolest aspects of TikTok is that it doesn’t concentrate on the biggest names or celebrities on the platform. No, the most important thing there is to just make fun and engaging content, which is why there’s such a big percentage of people on TikTok who contribute their own produced TikToks.

Dancing TikToks - Indian Songs

TikTok and Dancing

One of the biggest and most obvious trends in TikTok is dancing videos. They’re short snippets of people dancing to songs (not necessarily popular songs). Every TikToker who’s mainly a dancer is always looking for new and interesting songs to dance to, so as to engage the biggest amount of viewers they can.

If you’re a student and would like to become an active TikToker, then dancing is one of the easiest entry points. Just make sure that you do it correctly:

  • the film only with great lighting
  • use timer when filming
  • practice dance moves beforehand
  • dance with the camera in mind.

Great Indian Songs for TikTok

After you’ve made a couple of TikToks with already popular songs, you should move on and try to find new songs that would potentially become famous. One of the interesting and not yet explored are in TikTok dancing is Indian music.

We’ve gathered some of the best hits from Bollywood, which you can turn into TikToks! So, delegate your assignments to an essay writer service and become famous on TikTok, instead of doing boring school tasks.

1. Child Ko Bass Pasand Hai

Salman Khan moves in at his strongest and most impressive in this HUGE hit from 2016. In case you’re going to an Indian wedding, you’ll unquestionably hear it on the dance floor!

2. Dance Pe Chance

This melody, from the film “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” with Shah Rukh and then-newcomer Anushka Sharma is a genuine gem. The verses really give you worked up in movement – what else would want from it?

3. Kala Chashma

Another record-setter, on the off chance that they haven’t as of now, people always hear this catchy melody at every Indian gathering, they attend. Regardless of having numerous Panjabi verses (the same number of Bollywood dance tunes do), this melody additionally has some Hindi words you can learn for fun!

4. Pretty Woman

An exemplary tune from “Kal Ho Na Ho”(2003) where Shah Rukh sings a Hindi rendition of the American melody that goes by this name. The tune is so varied and wonderfully perky that you will want to blast it out on the speakers again and again.

5. Kar Gayi Chull

This melody has an exceptional beat and has some English in it. The gist of this tune is somewhat hidden and unclear (and probably arbitrary), so don’t stress a lot over trying to understand it whatsoever.

6. Boycott Ja Tu Meri Rani

The most current melody on this rundown, this tune isn’t very quick, yet snappy and will make you dance to the rhythm of the music! The verses are quite slow and very easy to dance to.

7. Galti Se Mistake

The clip is awesome for viewing, and it’s very fun trying to recreate Ranbir Kapoor’s moving to this tune. The lyrics are charming as well, in reality translating to “accidental mistake.”

8. Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan

A famous melody from the 2015 film, Roy, has Jacqueline Fernandez in Europe moving on the road with the locals. The melody has some English rapping in it as well!

9. Mahi Ve

Another tune from Kal Ho Na Ho and this one is similarly appealing and fun. Set at a wedding-like gathering – this tune has been played at weddings for 10+ years, and people still love to dance to it!

10. Batameez Dil

From outstanding amongst other music collections in the previous 5 years – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – this tune was at the top for quite a long time. The music clip is incredible with all the shadings and richness you anticipate from a Bollywood tune. A significant number of the verses pass by so quickly (in a rap-style) that they may be quite difficult to move to at the start. In any case, if you practice, your dancing TikTok can get recommended to a lot of people.

Get Your Groove On

Well, start choreographing and dancing to these awesome Indian songs. You just might be the next TikTok personality and get recognized outside of your school.

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