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Crash Car Burn Gravity The new album by Crash Car Burn was released on the 22nd of October 2012, and if you haven’t already got a copy, I’d strongly recommend that you do! Not sure who CrashCarburn is? Do song names like “Twisted”, “Serenade”, “Skin Versus Bone” or “Heroes” ring any bells?

The new single “The Light” was released and made available as a free download via the Crash Car Burn Facebook page and a mobile link on the 6th of October. The catch? Like the Crash Car Burn Facebook Page and send a tweet. What’s the harm in that? And in my opinion a very cool idea and clever way to promote the launch of the CD before it’s released. The new album is considered one of the band’s best albums to-date and has that typical Crash Car Burn sound to it.

The band is launching the album at the NuMetro in Montecasino, Johannesburg today, 6th November 2012! You can get tickets for the show by going to the NuMetro website.During the launch, the band will be releasing a 15 minute short film documentary based on their career for the fans to watch and get some intimate details on the lives of the band members.

I got a chance to have a chat with Garth Barnes, Crash Car Burn frontman, and here’s what he had to say:

So, once upon a time, back in the beginning… How’d you get together?

Bugs and I were living in the UK back in 2006 and we decided to get started there. At that time, Fabian was living on the couch (there were 9 of us sharing a 3 bedroom flat!!) in our flat and he was our live sound engineer! After our old guitarist Ian B emigrated to Australia, Fabian joined the band on lead guitar. Etienne went to school with Bugs, so we’ve all known each other forever.

Who’s the most likely to spend their entire paycheck in a day?

Hahaha! Ummm… Maybe me! I seem to have a knack for getting rid of money. Ironic since I’m in charge of the band bank account.

How’d you come up with the name of the band?

We thought it sounded awesome! And it’s the only thing that comes up on Google if you type it in… One word CrashCarBurn. If you type ‘crash’ ‘car’ ‘burn’ you will get a lot of formula 1 accidents:) There is a somewhat longer explanation on our website.

What’s your names? How old is everybody? What do you play?

Garth, Guitar and vocals, 32 (yes, very old)
Fabian, Guitar and Vocals, 29
Brendan, Drums, 27
Etienne, Bass, 27

Do you still get swept under the Tweak group comb and get thought of as younger than you actually are?

For sure! I’m told that’s a good thing though. Tried to order a beer at the spur the other day and the waiter asked me for ID.

Besides being in the band, what else do you do, work-wise?

Bugs is a cinematographer, he’s the brain behind our video for “The Light”. Fabian and I own a studio/music production company called Tigerfight which does TV, film and advertising music. Etienne is a photographer.

What got you as a band to use social media to promote your work? For example the release of the single from the new CD “The Light” and putting it up for free download from your Facebook page? Honestly I think it’s an awesome idea.

Well, anyone who is not using social media to promote their band, may as well throw in the towel right now! These days, everything is online, videos, interviews pics and the music itself is on the internet and to ignore that would be suicide. The free song idea was just a little something to give back to our fans who have supported us over the years. At the end of the day, we want our music to be heard, and the internet remains the best way to make that happen on a global scale.

Right, so the new CD, when exactly will it be launched and where can we expect to be able to buy it?

It’s out son! Hurry, go get one;) hahaha, yeah you can get it at and decent CD store, othewise online at or simfy.

Riiiiight. I’m just checking you know what day it is. What month is it? hahahaha…

What’s your writing process? Do you collaborate together or how does it work?

Every song is different, but for the most part, I will have a melody and some chords. I’ll take this to the band and they will either say ‘nah, that sucks’ or ‘cool, let’s’ give it a bash! Then we basically layer it. Bugs will add his drums, Fab his guits and Etienne his bass, the voila!: A platinum selling hit!;)

Was there any specific event/happening that added to the inspiration for some of the songs on the new album?

Sadly there was. Our part-time drummer and dear friend Kerran Yates passed away in the middle of making the record. You’ll definitely hear that coming through and we have actually dedicated the album to his memory.

Sorry to hear about that man…  Individually and as a band, which song off the new CD is your favourite?

Band – Probably Monsters and Angels. It’s basically a metal track and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play live!

Garth – Get up and Fly

What’s the weirdest rumor you have ever heard about yourselves?

I’m always related to someone! People are forever like: “I know your sister” or “I know a girl that you dated in high school”… Only got my first girlfriend when I was a year out of high school, so I know that one is a lie!

Who’s is the pickiest eater?

Fabian, he’s always on some gluten-free-low-carb designer diet.

hahaha. Come now Fabian. You live once! Enjoy the food this world has to offer! … Who’s the most likely to over-tweet?

Not Etienne, he’s not even on twitter! Probably Fabian, he’s really good at trawling the internet and it always posting bizarre stuff!

Who’s the most likely to get lost when not using a GPS?

Me, definitely! I am absolutely useless with directions.

Where and when can we find you performing next?

We’re doing a coastal tour in December where we’ll hit pretty much every town between CT and Durban. Keep an eye on our Facebook for details!

With the launch being tonight, you can watch it live as it happens by streaming it from the MK Live streaming channel. The times are as follows:

Johannesburg – 8:15PM
London – 6:15PM
NYC – 1:15PM
Nashville – 12:15PM
Los Angeles – 10:15AM

Remember to like follow and subscribe to the CrashCarBurn’s social media accounts if you don’t already. You heard what Garth said, “These days, everything is online”… So check out the following links and click the that “Like“, “Follow” or “Subscribe” buttons. Or check out their website for more info on anything CrashCarBurn

You can also follow Garth Barnes, Brendan “Bugsy” Barnes and Fabian Sing on Twitter.

Remember to also book your place for the launch at NuMetro in Montecasino tonight if you haven’t already done so.

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