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Crash Test Dummies to tour South Africa in February 2018


Great news music lovers! Fame rock band, Crash Test Dummies (who hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) will be making their way to South Africa in February 2018! The band will be supported by Bellville rockers aKING, SA rock legends Bed On Bricks and SA rock veterans Wonderboom. They will be playing at Hillcrest Quarry in Cape Town on the 17th of February 2018 and at the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens on the 18th of February 2018.

Crash Test Dummies started out as a recreational activity at a coffee house. They played to the bar crowd that’d come in after the bars closed. They got beer out of teapots at this little Winnipeg white juke joint. It started what became the house band and it was all cover tunes. They were covering everything from Alice Cooper to Irish traditional music. They did an acoustic version of “I’m Eighteen”, the theme to Gilligan’s Island, “The Rocky Road to Dublin,” and every stupid thing you could imagine.

After being in that band a while and going to University in their early-to-mid 20s, they turned to writing and the band turned to doing their original songs. At that point, certain members stayed and developed a core and other people who floated in and out – playing with the band once every few weeks – started dropping off, and “the band” coagulated.

The distinct bass-baritone sound of Canadian band Crash Test Dummies is still going strong after over 20 years. They are best known for their quirky 1993 single ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm’ and their album ’God Shuffled his Feet’. The group released their eighth full-length album entitled Oooh La La! In 2010.

They won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act in 1994, the Much Music Video Award for the Video of the Year in 1991 and the Juno Award for Group of the Year  in 1992.

I still remember listening to ‘God Shuffled His Feet’ on repeat when I was in high school. I also remember their song (“The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead”) on the Dumb and Dumber OST and I still sing along to some of their songs in this day and age. “Afternoons and Coffeespoons” in particular is a personal favourite of mine.

Tickets are available on Computicket! Make sure that you get yours HERE. There are 3000 tickets available for the Cape Town show and 10,000 tickets available for the Pretoria show. Take note that there are 500 early bird tickets available for R250 for these shows, so try not to miss out.

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