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Crimson House release new single & music video


Great news music fans! 4 days ago Crimson House released a brand new single entitled “Don’t Forget To Take Your Medicine”. The band also released a music video for the song on the same day.

“Don’t Forget To Take Your Medicine” is going to be on their 4th studio album (which will be released later in 2018). The concept of the song is that love is best kind of medicine, and in our later years all that really matters is our friendships and relationships that we have formed.

The music video hosts an all-star cast of legendary South African artists including famous writer Ben Trovato, Afrikaans singer Piet Botha, legendary piano player and brother to Brenda Fassie, Themba Fassie, blues singer Doc John, 70’s super star Tim Parr (Elamental) drummer Michael Canfield and South African singer Nhoza playing the part of the nurse. The video starts with an elderly couple (Doc John & Claudia Mostert) being cared for by a home nurse (Nhoza) when the doorbell rings and a wild party breaks out when their friends barge through the door.

The video is pretty awesome and has already had more than 25K views on YouTube (above average for most new SA Music Videos that are released on YouTube).

If you have not seen Crimson House live yet, you should definitely make a plan. They don’t have any gigs lined up for Gauteng at the moment, but you can catch them live in the Western Cape this weekend at Up The Creek Music Festival (which is held every year on the banks of the Breede River near Swellendam).

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