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Daaf Vapor Releases “All Of My Heroes Are Dead”


Daaf Vapor was deeply touched by the death of Chris Cornell and has created “All Of My Heroes Are Dead”.

The song is as a tribute to him and also aims to spread awareness of the dark reality of mental illness.The black dog called depression is a real disease every bit as fucked up and ugly as cancer. In fact, they call it the cancer of the soul.

Daaf Vapor - All of My Heroes Are Dead
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Mental Illness is an intensely personal struggle, where the victim is mentally cut off from the world and the people around them and as lonely as the corpse of an astronaut who got lost in deep space, now orbiting a strange alien planet.

To complicate matters even further, most people suffering from this disease are such brilliant actors that even their closest friends and family do not realise their profound anguish.

Daaf Vapor
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May the sad demise of Chris be a reminder that millions of people struggle with this disease daily and although it does not always seem that way – the darkest night is often just before dawn.

To everybody suffering from this disease Daaf Vapor would just like to say: hang in there, love yourself and those around you. It will get better.

Check out the music video for “All Of My Heroes Are Dead” below:

I have to admit that “All Of My Heroes Are Dead” is definitely a touching tribute. I’m curious to see what Daaf Vapor comes up with in the near future.

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