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Damned If I Don’t: 10 Facts you didn’t know


Damned if I Don’t is the new project featuring South African born musician Daniel Stacey Herber. The debut album (Self-Titled) was written, produced and recorded by Daniel.

He now plans to recruit a team of extraordinary musicians as a live act and begin touring around the Asia Pacific region in 2019.He has just released the official lyric video for the albums first single “Constellation”.

Damned If I Don't
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Daniel comments on the album:

“The goal was simply to release an album, the first of many, thus the first songs written were the ones that appear on the album. Having been in many bands, it was also an experiment to see what sound I could come up with when writing alone, and the results are quite diverse, yet characterised by a raw emotional undercurrent running throughout the album”.

No small feat for a full-time teacher and current master’s degree student: a sonic evolution is in the making, the sound will be further refined on the second album, which is currently being written.

You can listen to their debut album HERE.

Here are 10 Facts you didn’t know about Damned If I Don’t

1. They are clearly fans of alliteration.

2. The entire debut album was written, performed and recorded by Daniel.

3. Damned If I Don’t now has three members with an experienced guitarist and bassist.

4. Each band member was born on a different continent.

5. They are currently looking for a drummer. Preferably from another continent..

6. They worked on no less than four new songs a while ago.

7. Thousands of upturned hands in a crowd flow exactly like the movement of coral underwater.

8. They are based in Hong Kong.

9. They are in this for the long run.

10. You can stream their entire debut album for free from their website.

I’d like to thank Damned If I Don’t for this fact sheet. I’d also like to wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavors.

If you’re not familiar with their music, watch the lyric video for “Constellation” below…

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