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I’m sure that many of you reading this post who went to Oppikoppi Unknown Brother this year knows exactly who Dan Patlansky is. Who could forget his epic set on the main stage? David Batiste Senior (from New Orleans) has called Dan “one of the most renowned and fiery blues artists in the Southern Hemisphere”. After hearing him at Oppikoppi this year for the first time ever and re-experiencing his brilliance at Park Acoustics a few months later I am in full agreement with this statement. There is no doubt in my mind that this man knows how to play guitar. I actually think he was born with an electric guitar is hands (though this needs to be confirmed).

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Dan Patlansky has been around for more than 10 years. He is one of the busiest and most respected blues artists to ever come out of South Africa. He was constantly touring as a teenager and won the hearts of even the most hardened blues critics. In the winter of 2001 Dan Patlansky released “Standing at the Station” and it achieved amazing success (despite the fact that it was a completely independent album).  In 2004 he released “True Blues” on the famed EMI Blue Note label. What Dan Patlansky could do with a six-string Fender Stratocaster at the age of 26, most critically acclaimed guitarists will never quite achieve in a lifetime.

In February 2005 and July 2006 Selwyn Miller (New Orleans based manager of David Gates and Bread, Randy Crawford and Petula Clark) invited Dan Patlansky to New Orleans to showcase his amazing talent. He performed at legendary venues like Maple Leaf, Rock & Bowl and Checkpoint Charlie. He performed with many Blues giants such as Henry Gray (Howlin’ Wolf’s Pianist), Snooks Eaglin, The Batiste Family, Rockin Dopsie Jr and others. He also performed live on television and WWOZ radio in the US. Touring was cut short due to Hurricane Katrina though, Dan & Selwyn had to evacuate New Orleans. Dan Patlansky returned to South Africa (and had to leave a lot equipment behind). The guitar manufacturer Fender recognised his fiery playing and offered him an endorsement deal to promote Fender Guitars and amps. He is one of only 6 Fender endorsed guitarists in South Africa.

Dan Patlansky @ Oppikoppi 2011

Besides Oppikoppi, Dan Patlansky has played at almost every major festival in South Africa, including Aardklop (with guitarist Albert Frost), The Durban International Blues Festival (where he performed with veteran New York blues guitarist, Phillip Walker and Pat Savage), The North Sea Jazz Festival in Cape Town, Southern Cross Festival, the Walking the Blues Concert, White Mountain Festival, Up the Creek Festival, Cape Town Blues Summit, Splashy Fen and more. He’s also played at almost every major live music venue in the towns and cities of South Africa. I recently had the privilege to interview Dan Patlansky, this is what he had to say:

If you could jam with any guitarist in the world, who would you jam with and why?

Joe Bonamassa, besides being at great player, he is taking blues into a more modern era.

Some folks have said that you were born with an electric guitar in your hands, is this true?

No I only started playing when I was 14 years old. Quite late compared to some players out there.

You played an epic set at Oppikoppi Unknown Brother this year, which must have been an epic experience, did you expect the massive turnout for your set or did it come as a surprise to you?

I wasn’t expecting the amount of people that were in front of the stage, not at all! But what an awesome surprise!  That show will be with me for a very long time indeed.

What are your thoughts about the SA Music industry in General?

I think its a growing thing. Like a revolution still . Exciting times for SA music

What is currently on your iPod / CD Player?

Philip Sayce “Peace Machine” loving that album big time

What are you currently working on?

We are currently working on releasing my brand new album, new merch range, and of course I never stop working on the creative side of things.

We wish Dan Patlansky and his band the best with their future musical endeavors. He’s one of those artists that deserves a lot more attention in the media in South Africa. Dan Patlansky is more proof that Local is Indeed Lekker. For more information about this brilliant South African muso, check out the Dan Patlanksy Facebook Page. If you have not seen him live yet, do yourself a favor, you will not be disappointed. Dan will be playing at one of the Backsberg Picnic Series Concerts in the Western Cape soon. Get your butt down to his show and support SA Music.

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