5 Effective Tips To Design a Timeless and Professional Brand

Need to design a timeless and professional brand? Well, if you are reading this article you are most likely thinking of launching a business or just launched recently. As entrepreneurs we know the importance of branding but how to go about establishing a timeless and professional brand is another story. Successful branding takes patience and continuous effort. It can’t be created over night or bought and that’s where the frustration comes from for small business owners.

Don’t make the mistake many entrepreneurs make and settle for poorly designed branding assets and then hope for the best. No matter the amount of advertising dollars you spend you can’t compensate for a poor branding strategy and design. This post will explore five simple yet effective design tips on how to build a professional and timeless brand.

1. Choose Your Professional Brand Colors Carefully

Before you start designing anything let’s take a step back. What is your business all about? The answer doesn’t simply lie in what you are selling but your business’ core principles. You want to make sure your brand strategy and supporting designs are aligned with your business message. One of the most effective ways to communicate your message visually is through the use of color. Colors evoke different emotional responses and are therefore a wonderful branding tool. Find out what different colors represent and choose your branding colors accordingly. With the right colors in place you can be confident your brand assets will trigger the right response and be memorable to your core demographic.

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2. It All Starts With Your Logo

Once you have landed on the right branding colors it’s time to tackle your logo. Your logo is your single most important branding asset. The logo design process shouldn’t be rushed and should include a feedback loop to ensure you are on the right track. When it comes to your logo simple is more. If you look at any of the Fortune 500 logos you’ll notice how they are simple, clean and memorable.

Those all go together, the simpler a design the easier it is to remember. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for basic, abstract shape. Of course you want your logo to be pretty but set some limits when it comes to colors, effects, fonts and complications in the design. Use a design application like Logo Creator to create unlimited, free logo designs. Try your logo as text only, combination mark, graphic alone, etc. Gather feedback from potential customers and business partners and finalize and download instantly when ready.

3. Consistency is Key

What gives branding assets a professional and cohesive look is consistency in implementation. Every single branding item should include your logo, whether that’s your website, business cards, presentation, flyer or Google banner ads. In addition to incorporating your logo make sure you repeat your brand colors throughout as accent pieces.

4. Use All the Tools at Your Disposal

 Brand recognition isn’t solely done based on your logo and core colors. You can utilize other visual tools to help enforce your brand in more subtle ways. For example images are great way to do so. The trick is to use only one set of photos that has a similar look and feel and to use those on your website, social media posts and anywhere else where images are appropriate. Other ways to enhance your designs visually while adding subtle brand repetition is through the use of icons, illustrations and fonts.

5. Support Your Branding with the Right Marketing Efforts

You can design the most beautiful brand assets but if they aren’t promoted properly they won’t help you build brand recognition. As you build out your brand designs make sure you spend just as much time figuring out your marketing and execution plans. As you write your marketing plan go into the details and figure out specifics like your customer targeting strategy. Well-executed marketing will boost your branding efforts and quickly establish your brand whether that’s online or offline.

In summary, building brand recognition takes time. With the tips and resources highlighted in this article you are now equipped to embark on this journey. Be consistent and deliberate with your execution and support your brand assets with strong marketing efforts ad overtime your brand presence and recognition will grow.

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