Die Antwoord on stage @ Oppikoppi 2011


After experiencing the crowd chanting “What The Fuck? What the Fuck?” in front of the main stage because The Used started their set 40 minutes too late. I made my way to the Bruilof Stage at Oppikoppi to catch Afrikaans International Zef Rap Superstars Die Antwoord. It was the 4th time that I saw them perform in 2011. I must admit that I’ve seen better live shows by them. It was the first time that I saw Ninja going out of character and admitting that his real name was Waddy Jones on stage (completely unlike Die Antwoord). There was nothing wrong with the music though and the crowd loved them. I’ve never really been a huge of Die Antwoord though, so maybe that’s why I’m a bit negative. I snapped this photo of Die Antwoord on stage at Oppikoppi Unknown Brother and it has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 1st of September 2011.

Yesterday a photo featuring David Kramer on stage @ Oppikoppi 2011 was the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant. Watch this space for daily updates in the Daily Babe and Daily Cool Photo sections. You might also want to check out the posts featuring Movie Trailers, TV Adverts, Funny Clips, Funny Quotes, Funny Pictures and the other bits and pieces on the blog. There’s a lot of posts featuring South Africa here too. Check out the post categories on the top of this page, there’s quite a few of them. Feedback on posts is appreciated and welcome.


  1. I actually thought they were quite shit compared to the other acts that performed, some of the people in the crowd were walking away during the set and heading to the Tidal Waves that was way better.


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