DirectX 12: Multi-Adapter Rendering Revelation!


So, a while back there was this little rumour that Microsoft’s upcoming DirectX 12 would make use of the shared performance from your internal as well as discrete GPUs. Following Square Enix’s Build 2015 Witch – Chapter 0 demo it’s emerged this technology is very much real.

microsoft_dx121 DirectX 12: Multi-Adapter Rendering Revelation!

Known as DirectX 12 Multi-Adapter Rendering, this technology basically makes use of every piece of graphics hardware sitting inside your PC. (YAY!) Most of today’s integrated central processing units (CPUs) comes equip with integrated graphics, iGPUs which lay dormant once 3rd party dedicated hardware is installed. With Multi-Adapter Rendering the two GPUs will work in conjunction, providing a small but significant performance boost.

In theory the DirectX 12 Multi-Adapter Renderer will allow a specialized link between all GPUs in a system, provided they are DirectX 12 compatible. Demonstrations were ran using a GeForce GTX Titan X alongside an Intel iGPU, with both racing towards rendering 635 frames. The solo Titan X averaged 35.9 fps and took 17.68s to render, while the Titan X with Intel iGPU averaged 39.7 fps and took just 15.98s, a boost of 10% in the performance of Nvidia’s flagship card.

FPS DirectX 12: Multi-Adapter Rendering Revelation!

This feature potentially ensures PC Gamers a bump in graphics performance when they upgrade to Windows 10 (Which comes standard with DirectX 12). We simply cannot wait to test this out!

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