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Dirty Moonshine reveal music video for “The Hunt” (their new single)


Johannesburg hard rock hooligans Dirty Moonshine have revealed the video for their new track “The Hunt”. The new song was released on Friday last week.

This is the first new music they have released since their debut album Bottom of the Barrell came out in July 2018. After a heavy touring schedule for the last couple years the band decided to take it little easier in 2019 and focus on writing new material and only playing key shows around South Africa.

Dirty Moonshine
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Bassist David Freeman comments

“It’s been a while, but it was worth it. This was possibly the most fun we have had together in writing and recording a song. We hope this emotion is portrayed through the music. The Hunt is dirty and sensual with graphic and almost comedic annotations. It’s the type of song you can play to someone you have the hots for and then sit there raising your eyebrows and winking at them while watching their reaction.”

The band formed in 2014 and quickly set the South African music scene ablaze with their whiskey-swilling, cigarette-toting, blues-swinging, rock ‘n roll. Reminiscent of hot days, boozy nights, and dusty shoes, Dirty Moonshine has taken their own unique brand of rock’ n roll across the country, with a view to turn every single venue upside down.

Check out the music video for “The Hunt” below:

This is a a kick-ass track. I haven’t seen these okes live but I’ve heard some great things and I want to see them live. I really hope they make their way to JARR Bar & Restaurant or another venue in the 012 soon.

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