21 Discount Mashups That Will Improve Your Mood

I discovered a Facebook page called Discount Mashups the other day. This page has turned my frown upside down a few times over the last few months. The folks that run this page post some really cool photo mashups (featuring some of your loved / hated artists in a very creative way).

Nine times out of ten their mashups have made me laugh out loud. I just can’t help myself. I really love what they are doing and that’s why I’m giving them a shoutout today.

Here are 21 Discount Mashups That Will Improve Your Mood

I think the 90s would’ve been cooler, if we had The Shagstreet Boys

Discount Mashups 01 - Shagstreet Boys

Limp Bizkit would’ve been very intellectual with a frontman like dis.

Discount Mashups 02 - Sigmund Freud Durst

Slayer would have been different band with a co-lead guitarist like this

Discount Mashups 03 - Terry King

Terminator 2: Judgment Day would’ve been a slow-ass film with a villian like this…

Discount Mashups 04 - ET 1000

Dumbledurst would’ve stolen the show in Harry Potter and The Hotdog Flavored Water

Discount Mashups 05 - Dumbledurst

Kornye looks like he would have a lot of “Power”…

Discount Mashups 06 - Kornye

Christina Shaguilera looks like a real “Genie In A Bottle”

Discount Mashups 07 - Christina Shaguilera

Discount Mashups got into the Bernie Sanders trend… I wonder if this Deftones album is good?

Discount Mashups 07 - White Bernie

Bren Mesa Da Horizon would’ve made the Star Wars Prequels worth watching again…

Discount Mashups 08 - Bren Mesa Da Horizon

Busta Rhymesay would have made Hell’s Kitchen more interesting…

Discount Mashups 09 - Busta Rhymesay

You’ve probably heard of a mosh pit, but have you heard of a Marsh Pit? I hope South Park makes an episode featuring this…

Discount Mashups 10 - Marsh Pit

I concur! Bacon should be the law!

Discount Mashups 11 - Bacon The Law

Here’s some healthy weekend viewing. It’s probably better than both Sex and The City movies…

Discount Mashups 12 - Sex And The Machete

They probably released a hit single entitled “Life Is A Box Of Chocolates”

Discount Mashups 13 - Run Forrest Run DMC

Thanks, now I have “Poker Face” stuck in my head… I would if Uncle Cyril would be interested in doing a colab with Lady Gaga…

Cyril Ra-ra-ah-ah Rama Ramaphosa

I wonder how many tigers he has…

Discount Mashups 15 - DMXotic

This would be awesome show. There would be a whole lot of swearing going on (if you ask me).

Discount Mashups 16 - Dres Anatomy

Now this is a Disney Movie That I Want To Check Out

Discount Mashups 17 - Soulfly

I wonder if Jim would approve… Dwight would probably be rocking out to this…

Discount Mashups 18 - Pam Of God

“F*** You I won’t Tribute What You Tell Me”

Discount Mashups 19 - Jack De La Rocha

Imagine Mom’s Spaghetti…

Discount Mashups 20 - Lennonem

Well, there you have it. 21 Discount Mashups that will improve your mood. If you like what you see, make sure that you follow them on Facebook.

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