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Do your bit for charity on International Mandela Day 2018 with 67give


On International Mandela Day (18 July), South Africans are reminded of the legacy that united their rainbow nation and will respond to a global call to action to harness their collective power as ordinary individuals to shape the world around them.

They are encouraged to act in kindness and serve their local communities, churches and charitable organizations by volunteering 67 minutes of their time or offering financial contributions to causes that resonate with them.

Mandela Day 2018
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On the 18th of July, South Africans will celebrate what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday by reflecting on his 67 year commitment to social justice and servant leadership.

Many South Africans have the best intentions to do their part on Mandela Day, but with juggling work and various daily activates, their ideas tend to get lost in a last minute scramble. They might also not have the most flexible job or be able to leave the office on Mandela Day which could prove to be discouraging. To counteract this common occurrence, a solution has been offered by 67give.

Co-founded by donations based crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy, 67give, is a movement intended to make Mandela Day the biggest giving day in Africa. Thus far BackaBuddy has raised R67.7 million for charities and causes in South Africa.

67give aims to tap into the power of social media and activate individuals or groups to share their charitable projects to their networks, through the growing popularity of the crowdfunding model which is changing the face of traditional fundraising.

67give Mandela Day
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South Africans might not necessarily be able to leave the office on the 18th of July, but what they DO all have and don’t really realise the power of, is a social network / social media presence. By sharing a cause with their networks, research shows that those projects are often 350% more likely to be successful, especially if they have also made a contribution.

In line with the new direction taken by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, fundraisers or patrons as BackaBuddy like to call them, will be able to fundraise up until and even after Mandela Day, for those who would like to offer a little more than 67 minutes.

So what can you do to help this Mandela Day?

Sign up as a 67give patron by completing this form. A 67give patron’s sole purpose is the share their chosen charity’s campaign as far and as wide as possible. 67give has a list of vetted, amazing charities.

The goal is to play a significant part in assisting a charity to reach it’s fundraising targets by Mandela Day – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What happens on Mandela Day (18 July)?

67give patrons allocate at least 67 minutes on the day to tell the world about their charity, and why it’s fundraising targets are important, using whichever creative channels they can think of. 67give patrons will have the charity’s crowdfunding link to share, making it easy for anyone to donate directly from anywhere in the world.

67give patrons supporting the same charity will be able to join an online community for Mandela Day and the last push to reach targets. 67give will run updates in real time as charities progress towards their fundraising targets throughout the day.

What happens after Mandela Day?

Patrons are encourage to consider becoming a committed patron for their chosen charity – whether donating monetarily, continuing to promote a crowdfunding campaign, contributing their time or in kind.

To quote Madiba: “It is in your hands to make of the world a better place.”

Keen to become a part of this? Visit the 67give website for more information.

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