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Introducing Dog Detachment – SA’s 80s New Wave Sensation


Growing up you had to listen to whatever your parents popped into the tape deck, and more often than not you loved it. My folks luckily had great taste in music so I grew up with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Roxette and Genesis. They weren’t big on SA music at the time so I only got exposed to the South African music scene in my teens, which is unfortunate and brings me to my next point; how could I have missed Dog Detachment?

For someone who not only loves the inexplicably pacifying melodies of the 80s but also takes pleasure in exploring all corners of the SA music scene I feel quite embarrassed for never having heard of them.

So without further ado I present to you Dog Detachment! (Hard rocking new wave group formed in Johannesburg in 1980) Dog Detachment – Young Days

Martin Baillie interviews Dog Detachment on SABC in 1984

The band included the Armstrong-brothers, Alan, Brian & Terry Armstrong and Mike Adams. The group formed in 1980 and released 3 albums in their 9 years together; The Last Laugh (1983), Fathoms Of Fire (1985) and Barriers (1989). Best Kept Secrets was released as a sort of ‘Best of’ some time later. At SA Music Zone we like to support all local music that make a lasting impression on their listeners, and I believe Dog Detachment had quite a following in their day. For the rest of us who didn’t know them, now you do.

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  1. I was lucky enough to see them live as a high school boy. Man they were great….I wish their music will be re-released, even if only in digital form!


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