Donald Trump: 10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know

Born on June 14, 1946, Donald Trump (birthname Donald John Trump) is the 45th President of the United States. He was a businessman who managed, owned, and authorized his name into some casinos, hotels, resorts, golf courses, and housing properties in New York City. He is the fourth child of Frederick Christ Trump and Mary Macleod.

Donald John Trump is possibly one of the most infamous United States presidents in the country’s history. Many people praise Donald Trump for his actions, but there are as many who loathe him. Therefore he was labeled as the “most unpopular president of all time.” Let’s take a close look why with these Donald Trump facts.

Donald Trump Facts

1. Four Hours of Sleep

One of the interesting Donald Trump facts is that he chooses not to follow the ideal sleep requirements for a man, as he only prefers to sleep for only four hours each night. He commonly sleeps after completing his work at midnight or during the early hours and only awakened by 6 in the morning.

2. Ivana Trump

Besides being the first wife of Donald Trump, Ivana Trump was also a businesswoman and a fashion model before. She played a vital part in the Trump Organization by being the vice president of interior design. In 2017, Ivana Trump wrote a book entitled “Raising Trump,” which talks about her youth and the first several years of raising her kids with Donald Trump.

3. WrestleMania 23

If you were a fan of WWE before, we are sure you have already seen where Vince McMahon, the CEO of WWE, fought with Donald Trump during the WWE WrestleMania 23 in 2007. The fight was called “The Battle of Billionaires” and was watched by 85,000 spectators.

4. Marla Maples and the Bodyguard

Marla Maples, the second wife of Donald Trump, took part in beauty pageants and contests during her younger years, and she eventually became a TV personality and actress. A police officer in 1996 found both Donald Trump’s bodyguard and Marla Maples together below a lifeguard standalone at 4 AM. Although both Donald Trump and Marla Maples denied anything, their marriage failed, and soon divorced.

5. Melania Trump

Melania Trump, the third and the current wife of Donald Trump, was born in Sevnica, Slovenia. She worked as a model in France and Italy before finally migrating to the United States back in 1996. Melania Trump is the 2nd first lady to have ever been born on foreign soil after the wife of John Quincy Adams, Louisa Adams.

6. Trump Organization

The Trump Organization invests and possesses residential towers, the hospitality industry, residential real estate, and golf courses. Besides being into the real estate business, they also run business education, food and beverage, and financial services. The organization also owns shares in private and commercial aviation, beauty pageants, construction, online travel, and model management.

7. Military School

At the age of 13, Donald Trump was commissioned to a military school in New York in 1959 and studied there for five years. His father, Fred Trump, sent him to military school because he observed that Donald Trump required more focus and discipline in his life.

8. Donald Trump’s Brother, Fred Jr.

Fred Trump Jr. passed away when he was only 43 years old on September 26, 1981, because of a heart attack. Reports also stated that Fred Trump Jr. was also an alcoholic. Donald Trump stated that the memories of Fred Jr. still form and affect his living to this day and that his brother’s memories had a tremendous influence on his career.

In an interview, Donald Trump revealed that he was feeling guilty and regretted the treatment he was giving to his late brother by forcing and pressuring him to run the business, which was the reason for him being an alcoholic. 

9. German Surname

The Trump surname has a record in Kallstadt, Germany, that dates back to the 1600s, and it was known to be a German surname that came from the word drum or trumpet. Considering this fact, Donald Trump’s paternal ancestry traces back to Germany. Johann Trump was born in 1789 in Bobenheim, Germany, and eventually transferred to Kallstadt, Germany. And here in 1869, Friedrich Trump, Donald Trump’s grandfather, was born.

10. Trump Toilet Paper

If you ever want to wipe your behind using Donald Trump’s face, you can do so with the Donald Trump toilet paper, which can be bought online. It is sold as a “unique political gift” made in China that is very absorbent and soft.


So, which faction do you belong to? Do you belong to the people who admire Trump or to the group who hate him? Or are you one of those people who just doesn’t care at all? Whichever faction you are in, we still hope you learned a thing or two with these Donald Trump facts. These facts are fun and interesting, perfect to be shared as random trivias for your friends and family.

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