Ed Sheeran and his experimental No. 6 Collaborations Project

The dude, the English boy who has taken over the music world every time he does something new is back. Ed Sheeran is such a remarkable figure at the moment, that last year, he even got in the way that the NFL lines move. His concerts in many American stadiums made that the schedule is reprogrammed and caused some controversy.

Still, he doesn’t stop working and producing new content. Only a few days ago, the 12 of July, he’s released a very ambitious production with an insane amount of collaborations, such as Chance the Rapper, Khalid and 50 Cent, to name a few. This project was done with producers such as Benny Blanco, Bruno Mars, and Skrillex, alongside the people of Atlantic Records and Asylum Records.

Ed Sheeran

The continuation of the N5. Collaborations Project, released in a now far 2011, has an incredible list of guest stars, but also was incredibly well-received for the press. Metacritic gave it a 62 out of 100, same as “÷” (Divide), released 2 years ago, with songs as “Perfect”, “Castle On The Hill” and “Galway Girl”.

Ed Sheeran’s Insane Collaborations

The first song of the album has Khalid as featured artist, the song a beautiful mix of both artists, with the track totally according to what you’d normally hear from the English man. The vocal arrangements for both take a turn to what Khalid normally shows in his records. The start is just exciting, the semi-mellow, bass and drum are insane and just let both singers take off and land on it over and over again.

Next up is Camila Cabello, that next to Cardi B take “South of the border” to the next level but is more the strength of the names than the songs power. Chance the Rapper also appears with PnB Rock to accompany Ed during the rap in an overprotective song called “Cross Me”.

Then there’s “I Don’t Care” single released, in which Sheeran features Justin Bieber, both of them singing about awkward social situations, in which what makes them feel better is the person they are with. At the moment, the song is number 2 on Spotify worldwide.

Another mind-blowing collaboration is the one in “Remember The Name”, in which 50 Cent and Eminem were featured. The three of them talked about how they came to be, their beginnings and their current stage, with both Eminem and Ed Sheeran crushing it. The song made clear references to Ed’s 8 years of success, Em looking for brand deals and to the song “My Name Is?” and to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”.

An unexpected guest appeared in the next track, with Ed and his friend, Dave, came the Argentinian trap singer Paulo Londra. The 21st-year-old boy from Córdoba is the first male Hispanic artist to play with him. Londra talked it about and posted in his Social networks about it and about his trip to London.

Ed Sheeran Critics

As critics go, Sheeran as always has gotten away with it again, having mainly good reviews. For example, The Telegraph titled their review: “starry combinations produce predictable pop smashes”.

The Guardian in the other hand called it “Smarm, Charm and a Watertight Winning Formula” in which they talked about how it’s more of his ‘Tyranny’ towards most charts. Since Sheeran’s career started back in 2011, in these 8 years the singer and songwriter have won over 110 prizes and awards. As well as am OBE.

The album, in general, gives a bit of an R&B sound, and in many occasions more towards rapping, and hip-hop.  Starting with Khalid, going through Camila Cabello and I don’t care with Justin Bieber, we’ve seen an Ed Sheeran that has reached a lot in almost no time.  There’s a lot of doubts and questions about what’s in the future for the 28-year-old, but only time will tell what he’ll do with these 8 years of success.

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