6 Types of English Premier League Bets

Curious about the types of English Premier League Bets? We’ve got you covered.

In case you did not know, the English Premier League (EPL) is a prominent football championship in Europe. It comprises twenty soccer teams from England. The EPL season runs from August to May every year.

Many people wager on Premier League games in Betway. Yet,  some amateur punters don’t understand the EPL format and rules.

English Premier League Read on to learn more about English Premier League

1. Challenge Bets

A challenge bet resembles and accumulator. You will start with a small stake which you lose if you make a wrong prediction. If you win the first bet, the betting firm will put your payout in the second wager until you lose a bet. But, you can get huge winnings if you complete the challenge without losing any bet. Punters like challenge bets because if you lose a bet, you will only lose the first stake. Different people use different forming and research strategies.

2. Arbitrage Bets

Some people refer to arbitrage bets as sure-bets, arbs or miracle bets. They involve comparing odds that a bookie offers for a sport event. Bookmakers offer varying odds for arbitrage bets. It is important to research to get high odds. Avoid being gubbed when you place Betway English Premier League bets for profit. Some firms classify some punters’ accounts as being unprofitable if they stay for months without placing bets.

3. Future Bets

Top betting firms allow soccer fans to place bets for future sports events. For example, you can predict which team will win the 2019/2020 English Premier League. Nowadays, top England teams struggle to finish in the top four. They get an automatic qualification to the UEFA Champions League. Liverpool and Manchester City are likely to win this season’s title. Also, you can pick three teams which might get relegated to the English Football League Championship.

4. Both Teams to Score (BBTS)

The Both teams to score option is common in most soccer leagues. You can create an accumulator with it. Some punters combine up to seven BTTS bets in a single accumulator. Although such an accumulator increases your payout, it reduces your chances of winning. Besides, you can bet on whether one or both teams won’t score in a game.

5. Full Time and Half Time

You should make a correct halftime or full time prediction to win your bet. The betting options comprises the match outcome during halftime or at after normal playtime. Most EPL games featuring two top teams often end as a draw at halftime. It is tricky to predict halftime results compared to fulltime scores.

6. Over / Under

Most bookies offer a total goals threshold. It includes over/under 1.5 goals, 2.5 goals and 3.5 goals. For instance, if you place an over 2.5 bet, the game should have three or more goals for you to get a payout. One team can score three goals or both teams can score a minimum of one goal each. The over 3.5 goals has the highest winning odds compared to other total goals betting options.

The English Premier League features top teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. It attracts thousands of soccer fans worldwide. The teams play 38 games in an ordinary EPL season. Three EPL teams get relegated to the English Football League Championship each season. The top teams in the Championship replace them in EPL. Betway offers a wide variety of English Premier League bets.

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