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Epic Breakup Letter from a Girl


I’ve heard some funny breakup stories and I’ve experienced some epic breakups myself. One of my exes dumped me via an e-mail and another dumped me via a Skype chat conversation. Thank goodness that most of my breakups have been pretty straight forward though.

I’ve heard some interesting breakup stories, so I guess that things could have been worse for me. There’s the guy who bought a porn DVD and found out that his wife and best friend were starring in the film, the guy who hit on a fake Facebook profile created by his girlfriend and was subsequently got dumped by her, the guy who decided to breakup with his girlfriend by setting her wardrobe on fire, the guy who drove close to 2000 km to Namibia and got dumped three quarters of the way there and many others.

I don’t know much about relationships, but I do know that they should be based on honesty and respect. If that’s not present chances are that the breakup might be a nasty one or that it could be the basis of an interesting story (or even a movie). I found this photo on the Meta Picture containing an Epic Breakup Letter from a girl. I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy this one.

After reading this epic breakup letter I’ve come to one realization once again: Karma is a Bitch. Don’t cheat on your other half, it might just come back to bite you in the arse.

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