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Epic Dave Grohl Quote


Dave Grohl (the Foo Fighters frontman and former drummer of Nirvana) is at it again. This time he is quite vocal about American Idol and The Voice.

To be honest I hate reality TV with a passion. I only watch ONE reality show and that’s The Amazing Race (because the traveler inside me wants to see the world and I like to laugh at dumb people who think there are tigers in Africa). I don’t care if it’s scripted or not, because I find it interesting. And don’t get me started on The Biggest Loser, Big Brother, Temptation Island, Survivor, The Apprentice, Fear Factor and a whole list of mindless shows that are designed to give users the idea that they are not scripted and they are actually mimicking real life. I truly believe that if you want to experience reality you should switch that blabbering box in your living room and go outside – that’s real. I’m also a firm believer that old school rocks too.

Idols may have been interest when it was first broadcast in South Africa, but I really don’t have time to see people embarrassing themselves or to people singing covers of songs that I don’t really like. Same goes for  American Idol. I’m not familiar with the Voice and I don’t think I want to be either. That said, I agree 100% with Dave Grohl on what he said about American Idol and The Voice.

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