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Sometimes we forget that our parents were our age once. I’m at that stage in my life where my dad tells me about things that happened to him when he started working and while he was growing up. It’s interesting to hear some of the stories (that sometimes remind me of the way some jokes are told) and it reminds me of the fact that despite all our differences that most of us are pretty sharp and intelligent humans in the end.

I doubt it if my dad would ever responds like this though. A friend posted this joke on Facebook and I could simply not resist the urge to post this – yes, it was that funny. After careful investigation I found out that this is probably more than two years old and probably made its first appearance on 4chan or Reddit, but it’s still hilarious and worthwhile to share with you.

I am wondering if this really happened or if this is just a joke. If this really happened. Joke or true story, I still find this bloody hilarious and I’m pretty sure that some of you are now laughing your asses off because you haven’t seen this photo or heard this joke / story before. How do you think your dad would respond? Leave a comment and let me know.

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