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Essential Business Values # Lesson 1: Integrity and Kindness


A businessman once said to me “Integrity and your word mean nothing in this world. Don’t trust anyone and don’t believe anything.”

This businessman introduced me to another businessman who I was going to work with. I don’t want to go into details BUT this deal with the second businessman (businessman B) went wrong because he went back on his promise and did not communicate his change of mind to me. When he asked for money I went to Businessman A because I valued his advice and I didn’t want the relationship to take a sour turn. That didn’t happen as businessman A defended businessman B saying I should not have listened to his promises and rather paid money. Businessman A then said I warned you about this, it is your fault. Integrity does not exist. However this makes me wonder about the philosophy of business and business values in general.

Everyone knows that people will lie and say things just to get ahead. But I am one of the few people in business that treats my word like a legal document. If I agree to something in business, I will try my utmost to keep up my end of the bargain. When did the world change? The world today’s relies on contracts and agreements put down on paper, because of those that do not keep to the bargain. It’s a horrible world that breeds mistrust and deviousness all while hurting those who have integrity.

Integrity should exist. For the small minority it does, but for the vast majority it is an idealistic value only achievable in a Utopian like world.  I am of the minority and I will always be. That whole situation made me wonder. Does Businessman B not realize that because of the way he treated me I will never give my business to him again. One day when I am even more successful than I am now, I will need more work of that nature done. But I will not go to him.

Which begs the question: do you help everyone because you never know when you will need them? 99% of people will say no because of the fact that well you can’t help every one. This leads me to another value that is essential in business. Kindness. When you are a business owner you can help almost everyone in one way or another. Whether it be a word of advice here and there, a breakfast meeting or simply giving someone your business, it all helps!

What do you think about integrity and kindness when it comes to business values? Are you of the majority or the minority? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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