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Everest 2020 all-women team intensifies training for expedition


The Everest 2020 all-women team have intensified their training. Four intrepid South African women are preparing to summit Mt. Everest in April 2020 as the first all-women team from Africa to complete the climb.

The four mountaineers are Lisa Gering, Alda Waddell, Deshun Deysel, and Tumi Mphahlele. They are all from Johannesburg. Ronnie Muhl, a mountaineer and founder of Cape Town-based Adventures Global is managing the logistics.

Everest 20 All-Women
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They not only climb, two of them are moms and they are all successful business women! Their message is to inspire women from all over to realise that they can accomplish anything they set their hearts on. Anything is possible and these four women are living proof!

Two members of the team, Lisa and Tumi, have just returned from Mont Blanc in France. They were given rigorous crevasse, ice and snow training on two different glaciers by Neil Ward from Adventures Global Europe.

Deysel is the only member of the team to have attempted summiting the world’s highest peak before. Her first attempt in 1996. Waddell had her first mountain climbing experience in 2008. She climbed Mt Kilimanjaro.

Also on the Mont Blanc training expedition were Ronnie Muhl and his wife, Elizabeth. Three other mountaineers are planning to summit Mt. Everest in 2020. This includes Nicole Capper, 2018 Mrs South Africa.

Lisa says, “The expedition was priceless. We have had ice and snow experience in the past, but not crevasses, and every bit of the training was brilliantly executed and will be invaluable to our Mt. Everest climb.”

The expedition is expected to last between 6-8 weeks. You can follow their journey via @Everest2020SA.

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