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Hilarious Fake Mandela Memorial Interpreter on SNL (Video)


The Fake Mandela Memorial Interpreter has made it onto on Saturday Night Live on US Television.

Last week the Nelson Mandela Memorial took place at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg. By now all of you are probably aware of Thamsanqa Jantjie, the fake interpreter who translated the proceedings into sign language that no one could understand.

He has since claimed that he had a schizophrenic episode and apologized for his actions, but it has also come to light that he’s been charged with theft, attempted murder and other crimes (which includes fraud amounting to R1 million).

I know the real life event is embarrassing for the ANC and the SA Government, but you have to see the humor in it.  Last week Jimmy Kimmel Live got a real sign language interpreter to translate what Jantjie really told the people he was signing too but this wasn’t the only American TV show who picked up on this, Saturday Night Live broadcast a Mandela Memorial spoof over the weekend as well.

Kenan Thompson’s hilarious interpretation of our schizophrenic con deaf signer, as Jay Pharaoh, SNL’s resident president, recalls “his series of unfortunate events” (the infamous Obama selfie, the Raul Castro handshake and the sign language SNAFU).

Check out the Fake Mandela Memorial Interpreter Video below:

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