An Interview with Ryan Kirby from Fit For a King

In case you forgot, American metalcore act Fit For a King wil be performing in South Africa in June 2018! There will be no less than three shows accross three cities (Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg) featuring incredible local supporting acts.

An Interview with Ryan Kirby from Fit For a King 1I recently had a chat to Ryan Kirby (the lead vocalist of Fit For a King) about his band’s tour of South Africa and a few other things. This is what he had to say.

Firstly, we are so amped and beyond excited to have you guys grace our shores! Is there anything that Fit For a King fans should look forward to and how do we get you to keep coming back?

Lots of energy and breakdowns! And a band that truly loves what they do. And keep us coming back by selling out these rooms and making Jam Packed want us back 😉

What is the story behind your band name?

No crazy story, just saw the phrase in the book of James in the Bible, thought it was catchy.

One of your latest singles is ‘Deathgrip’. It is such a good song! You guys went through a very unique process in writing for the single and album. Walk us through what happened and the creative process you followed afterwards

We were in Frankfurt, Germany when the attack on the Bataclan happened, and scheduled to play Paris in 4 days. It caused us to reflect on the fragility of life. For writing, Bob usually does his things with the instruments and we give him our input, then I start writing lyrics!

Do you guys all fuel the same message as you record your instruments?  Who is chief lyricist?  One thing every musician/writer finds themselves stuck with is writer’s block. What is your inspiration? 

I’d like to think we do! And I probably write 90% of the lyrics. I just make sure to never force things with writing, if I am not feeling it that day, never hesitate to step away, and if I get a good idea, immediately pull out my phone and put it down, even if it’s the middle of the night.

Jared used to jam clean vocals and drums at the same time. How did you not get fatigued and do you prefer only sticking with drum duties for now?

The decision to change singers came from the change in sound we were experiencing,. We felt like we needed a stronger voice to match the aggression in the newer music, while his voice was great for a more melodic style.

You’ve had an opportunity to work with August Burns Red and Miss May I band mates on the latest album Of all the musicians that you guys have worked with, which one absolutely inspired and amazed you guys? After being in the same line-up for almost four years, do you still get inspired by one another?

Jake Luhrs has always been a huge inspiration to me, so working with him was incredible. And we definitely push each other hard and inspire each other.

An Interview with Ryan Kirby from Fit For a King 2Creation / Destruction had an interesting blend of tones relating to the album title. Would you say that your albums are concept albums, following a specific story or theme, or rather a collection of different factors?

I would say they are loosely concept albums, but not all the way, They weren’t necessarily intended to be either. But when I am writing, I usually write under the umbrella of a concept because it’s a bunch of things going on in my life at the moment.

In 2014, you guys clarified via Twitter that you were indeed a Christian band. Have you received mixed messages from your fan base? Do you ever feel that having a religious standpoint limits or pigeonholes you as a band? 

I only think it does when you exclusively do Christian tours, but we make sure to stay out of that world, because we want our music to reach everyone, not just Christians.

In light of your single ‘Pissed Off’, which one of the following irritates you most? Kardashians or Politics? 

Politics, it’s a bunch of people who care more about securing votes than doings what’s best for the people.

Bad monitor levels or bad stage lighting? 

I am so used to bad monitors at this point, I’ll go with lighting haha.

Fake news or fake tan? 

Fake news haha

Smelly shoes or smelly breath?

I’ll take shoes, because I can put them outside or burn them.

I’d like to thank Ryan and Fit For a King for this interview. I wish them all of the best with their upcoming South African tour and their future musical endeavors.

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