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Floris’ Most Exciting films coming in 2015


2015 is going to be an amazingly exciting year for movies. Especially for me, specifically. In alphabetical order, here’s the 2015 cinema releases I’m anticipating most:

Ant-man: Despite Edgar Wright’s departure from this project, it’ll still probably be an amazing film. Wright’s input on the screenplay and preproduction has to add a lot to the project, and new director Peyton Reed, with stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Evangeline Lilly, backed by the production crews at Marvel Studios, are sure to create a big, exciting film.

Birdman: In a move that reminds me of Adam West’s appearance as The Gray Ghost in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Michael Keaton is possibly sort-of playing a parody of himself in Birdman. This is a dark comedy about a washed-up, has-been movie star who wishes to prove himself as a proper actor that can surpass his fame as the actor behind the famous Birdman superhero he portrayed 20 years ago. Rumour has it that director Alejandro González Iñárritu has put together an ambitious and amazing film.

Chappie: Neill Blomkamp might be overrated, but he’s certainly South Africa’s darling sci-fi director. Chappie seems to return to his gritty, real-world setting sci-fi as seen in District 9, and this film’s interesting concept and colourful characters (like Die Antwoord, obviously) holds a lot of potential.

The Hateful Eight: There isn’t a trailer yet, but I don’t need a trailer to excite me for the next Tarantino film. He hasn’t disappointed yet, and there’s nothing that makes me think he might start now. Alright haters, let’s get hating!

Inside Out: Pixar has had its misses (I’m looking at you, Cars 2), but I still have hope for every film they release. This looks like a cool concept, and I can’t wait to see where Pixar actually goes with it.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Yes, the original three Mad Max films were amazing, spectacular, and fascinating in its production design and storytelling.  But how great can a sequel to an action-driven, spectacle-heavy, desert-set movie trilogy be? Until they announced Tom Hardy as the new Max, and released this spectacular, non-stop over-the-top hyphenate-favouring action-based trailer.

Mission Impossible 5: The Mission Impossible sequels might not live up to the first films status as a classic, but their still exciting and loads and loads of fun. I’m not so sure whether Christopher McQuarrie should be trusted with a big action film (he’s only directed 2000’s The Way of the Gun and Jack Reacher previously), but I’m hoping I’m underestimating him, and can’t wait to get more of Ethan Hunt.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: I forgot how much of a Star Wars fan I used to be. Until it was announced that a JJ Abrams-directed sequel, including Luke Skywalker, “Princess” Leia, Han Solo, AND THE MILLENIUM FALCON would return, I was hooked. I can’t wait. This is going to be amazing – just watch.

Terminator: Genisys: One of my favourite parts of Back to the Future: Part II is where Doc & Marty goes back to 1955 and revisit the climactic events of the previous film. It’s a new take on familiar events, and can be original and special despite being very familiar. It looks like Terminator: Genisys is trying something similar. The only problem, though, as (Mythbuster) Adam Savage pointed out, is that Sarah Connor suddenly looks “sexy” but underaged.

Taken 3 (aka Tak3n): Just like the previous two installments in the series, this will probably be an amazing, fun time in the cinema, as long as you go in knowing to expect a mindless but super-cool action flick.

Whiplash: I’m betting this movie will be disturbing and shocking. But amazingly dramatic, with great performances by heavyweight JK Simmons and rising star Miles Teller.

THE REST: There are more than 11 films coming in 2015. So here are a few others I’m not completely AS EXCITED for.

  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron – The first Avengers film was good, but nothing groundbreaking. Here’s hoping the second one (but the 11th Marvel Studios flick) manages to be equally action-packs and spectacular, but more original.
  • The Good Dinosaur – It’s Pixar, so I’ll be there. But almost no plot details have been revealed yet.
  • Jurassic World – This looks pretty much like a remake of the original Jurassic Park. I’m still hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  • Spectre – James Bond films haven’t been consistently good, but their big action scenes is consistently some of the biggest and grandest available. More of that is always welcome. Plus Skyfall laid some interesting foundations by re-establishing most of older films’ franchise tropes, and I can’t wait to see what the filmmakers will do with it.

Are you as excited for these films as I am? Did I miss any of your most anticipated flicks? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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