Photo Album: Fokofpolisiekar @ Presleys


Fokofpolisiekar might be my favorite band but you will never get me to go to that place” 90% of people I spoke to on the night.

So Presleys might not be the best place to draw a Fokofpolisiekar crowd but you can kick yourself if you didn’t go. Whether it be at OppiKoppi or Presleys a fokof show is still a fokof show.  It just that this time round you would have actually been able to see them. And with an open bar for only R170, who wouldn’t want to go? With a big stage,decent sound and enough space I urge you to go check out the next gig they have (i.e. rock show, no Kurt Darren).

Just ignore the middle aged Blue Bulls anxiously peering over the railings, waiting for the devil’s music to end so they can skoffel the night away. And when the music ends, run down the street to Arcade Empire as fast as you can!

Check out these photos that I snapped of Fokofpolisiekar at Presleys.



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