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Foo Fighters Release New Music Video


Great news! Foo Fighters have released a brand new music video for a song called “Run”. It’s the first new material that they’ve released since November 2015’s “Saint Cecilia” EP. It turns out that band have actually been working on music (and hopefully and possibly their 9th studio album for most of 2017).

“Run” was a surprise release, without any prior indication being made of its existence, other than the band’s vague allusions to working on music over the course of 2017. There has been no confirmation that this song will be on the upcoming album.

The song’s music video features the band performing the song in a nursing home, in make-up making them appear to be elderly themselves, and end up inciting a riot amongst other patients and younger millennials. Various music journalists feel that the music video is also an homage to the 1975 film “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”. The video ends with a brief choreographed dance routine That’s similar to the routine done in Michael Jackson’s video for the song “Thriller”. The video was directed by Dave Grohl.

Check it out below. I think it’s pure rock ‘n roll gold!

Fact is, Foo Fighters are back with a bang. They’re performing at Roskilde Festival (in Denmark), Glastonbury Festival (in the UK), Rock Wrechter (in Belgium) and various other cities around the globe until the end of 2017. Sadly South Africa is not one of those destinations, but it would be great to see them here again. Their performance in late 2014 was definitely one of the best shows I’ve experienced in my life.

I really hope there’s a ninth Foo Fighters album release coming soon. It would be a really great thing for rock ‘n roll in an age where Indie / Pop dominates the airwaves.

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