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Foo Fighters – These Days (Music Video)


Foo Fighters have released a music video for their song These Days (which is taken off their 2011 studio album Wasting Light). There is no doubt in my mind that this is my favourite song on the album – an album that many folks consider to be the best rock album of 2011. Foo Fighters have been around for more than 14 years and you can definitely hear it in the rock professionalism showcased on Wasting Light.

Foo Fighters went on a tour of Australia and New Zealand in November and December 2011. They played in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland on their tour. The band was very well received by their fans down under. Footage of their tour of Australia has been mashed up into a highlights package of sorts and has been used in the video for These Days.

Two words describe this video above: Friggin’ Awesome. It’s sad that Foo Fighters have not made their way to our country yet, but I hope they do soon. South Africa had a good taste of live rock in 2011. Rammstein, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Funeral for a Friend, Alkaline Trio, U2, The Used and Sum 41 made their way here last year. South African music fans are hungry for more rock. There’s no doubt about it.

Some folks have criticized South Africa’s largest concert promoter Big Concerts for not getting Foo Fighters to play in South Africa. They’ve also been criticized for hyping “minor announcements” for bands like Moody Blues, The Script and 10cc (who don’t exist in my rock ‘n roll enthused universe). Rock fans like me have given them tons of flack about this on Twitter and Facebook about it – which has been met by little response from them. I was surprised the other day though, @BigConcerts actually responded on one of my tweets (something that’s never happened before) – so, maybe they are starting to take people on Social Networks in SA a bit more seriously.

So, this is my official statement to Big Concerts regarding this: “Big Concerts, if you want to fill 4 or 5 stadiums in South Africa to capacity with happy, screaming, dancing and singing rock music fans, bring Foo Fighters to South Africa. The tickets will sell out before you can say “Bakkies Botha” 10 times. I guarantee you that.”

I hope my statement doesn’t fall on deaf ears. If you want Foo Fighters to come to South Africa, share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Show them how awesome this band can be when they play live shows. If you are RT-ing this post on Twitter, tag @BigConcerts in the Tweet so they can see how many people want Foo Fighters to come to South Africa. Spread the word. Maybe they’ll get them here before we can say “Rock ‘n Roll” twice, who knows?

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