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Foo Fighters to release new album in September 2017


About two weeks ago rock legends Foo Fighters released a new song entitled “Run” and it blew rock fans all over the globe away. If you haven’t watched the video yet, make sure that you watch it here. Yesterday Foo Fighters announced that they would be releasing their ninth studio album (which is entitled Concrete and Gold) on the 15 of September 2017.

It’s the first time that Foo Fighters are working with producer Greg Kurstin (who has worked with artists like Adele, Sia & Pink). Throughout 2017 the band had appeared to be lying low but they were actually quietly working on the album for the last 6 months.

Concrete and Gold follows the Foo Fighters’ 2014 album Sonic Highways and their 2015 follow-up EP, Saint Cecilia. The band has made clear it that they’re not moving toward Adele’s ballad style. They called it their “biggest sounding album ever” and and album that “will undoubtedly fry stereos from here to Fukuoka.” They have also encouraged fans to start saving their speaker money now (on a hand-written note on their website). Apparently Concrete and Gold has “more twists and turns than a live Senate hearing.” Reading all of this just makes me so damn curious and excited and makes me wanna scream. I can’t wait for the fucking album.

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“So I think maybe Greg is the guy that we ask to be our producer because he’s never made a heavy rock record before and we’ve never worked with a pop producer,” David Grohl said. The musician described the combination of their styles as, “Our noise and Greg’s big brain and all of his sophisticated arrangements and composition.”

Concrete and Gold is available to pre-order digitally and on CD and vinyl. A variety of merchandise bundles – some of which include Foo Fighters socks and a Russian nesting doll set – are available via the band’s website.

The band also announced the craziest “backyard party for 50,000 people”. This is happening on the 7th of October at San Bernadino in California. CAL JAM 17 will be the first chance for Foo Fighters fans in the USA to experience the sonic majesty of songs from “Concrete and Gold” in their full live glory. Cage the Elephant, Liam Gallagher, the Kills, Royal Blood, Japandroids, Bob Mould, Queens of the Stone Age will be playing at CAL JAM 17. After this the Foo Fighters will be touring the USA from October to December.

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No South African tour dates have been announced, but I’m hoping they return to South Africa in 2018. Maybe they’ll bring Queens of The Stone Age with them this time around, who knows?

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